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Restaurant management Mar 11, 2021

Stepping into the Miami food scene, our Choco team is working to support local businesses and making its way through this hot and diversified culinary spot.

While enjoying the great and friendly sunshine state, we took a look at the protagonists of the tech and hospitality fields and came across some interesting services to inspire your restaurant. Within this flourishing landscape for food startups - where players like the FIU incubator are shaping the future of the local industry -, here you can find some of the names every restaurant manager should take note of.


Tip Reports

Being part of the industry, we know how restaurant ordering from suppliers still takes place on spare, complex sheets. Not surprisingly, the same applies to managing tips - and here is where Tip Reports, a tip pool system for restaurant and bar managers, comes into action.

This app was built by a restaurant manager to save time and store payroll data safely while making the tip management process more transparent to the employees, which are usually the ones presenting lots of questions or doubts when it comes to the accuracy of this task.

How does Tip Reports make it easier for your business and team? With its automated system, the app shows how much every team member earns during every shift. And that's not it: their product is also designed to easily chat with the team, schedule shifts, and manage holiday requests.


Founded in 2018, Dinely offers restaurant diners the chance to eat at a local spot at a discounted price. Their app is simply the best deal for local customers to spot a great deal in restaurants: their system applies a discount to participating restaurants during low-traffic times of the day so that people can book their meals at a lower price.

With this offer, Dinely supports both restaurants in paying for their fixed overhead costs during less busy hours and customers in finding tasty and convenient menu offerings.


Underutilized urban spaces are in the eye of the viewfinder of REEF to become the next neighborhood hubs connecting people to locally curated goods, services, and experiences. With its ecosystem of 4.500 locations and a team of 15.000 people, this Miami-based company is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States, Canada, and has a growing presence in Europe as well.

Among their initiatives in the hospitality field, NBRHD Kitchens supports the creation of purpose-built commercial kitchens preparing and delivering meals for up to four food brands while occupying as little space as three parking spaces. While also bringing digitalization in the process of ordering meals in restaurants, REEF also partners with James Beard Award-winning chefs to build food concepts.

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