Who the F*ck is August Gloop?

Biography of a meme supplier (and much more)
Culinary World Aug 20, 2020
August Gloop

August Gloop is a renowned consultant for the food industry, an influential, sassy culinary author, and former multi-restaurant owner.

August Gloop

First TV appearance, star sign, and idols

Born in 1993 in Düsseldorf, Germany, August Gloop first got famous after his appearance on TV as a contestant in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005 under the pseudonym Augustus Gloop. He was the first one to be eliminated due to his greediness and lack of basic knowledge in food safety measures, remember? This failure led him to think twice about his life path and career. Humiliated on TV and yet famous worldwide, he had to deal with bullies at school and everywhere he would go. His parents even wanted to send him to a camp for obese kids. How sad. But the thing is: August Gloop star sign is Aquarius, therefore, he knows how to roll up his sleeves and chop some onions to make his always improving version of his beloved cheese and onion pie while plugging in some good tunes (his favorite music album is Blackout by Britney Spears).

Culinary background

After dropping a few pounds and developing a serious aversion for lettuce and raw greens, he decided to chase his dreams and, as the ultimate chocolate lover he had always been, moved to the country with the finest chocolate makers: Switzerland. At 16 years old, August joined Les Roches, one of the world’s leading hospitality schools. He graduated two years later. After his graduation, he decided to travel and eat the world. From his 18 years old to his 22 years old, August left on a road trip to Europe with only his backpack, where he had the opportunity to work as a line cook, sous chef, and chef in many establishments in Europe. He basically worked for a few months in a place to save money, then spent all that money on trying on restaurants and dishes until he was broke again and needed to search for a new back of house job. Then, he moved to Australia, where he gained great bartender skills. After his Australian visa expired, August left again only accompanied by his backpack on his way to Asia. He landed in Malaysia, then moved around Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand where he met his rockstar idol Anthony Bourdain, on set for his emission "No Reservations". Meeting Anthony changed August's vision of food and hospitality and gave him this curiosity toward street food and ancestral cooking techniques. Like-minded, they spent a whole night together in Bangkok, playing poker, drinking Bourbon, and sharing Bahn Mi sandwiches, talking about life, food, chocolate, and rock’n’roll.

From running Oh Gust to running a meme page

Shortly after meeting Anthony, August went back to Europe and opened his first Oh Gust in Barcelona in 2013, a Hispano-Thai fusion restaurant, inspired with the cooking techniques and infused with flavors of southeast Asia, using the amazing Spanish local ingredients and proposing a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Oh Gust quickly stood out as a trendy place and encountered a franc success. The innovative flavors and dishes as well as the cocktails were quickly a hit. The second Oh Gust opened in Paris in 2014 Rue Cambon and went as successful as his big brother in Barcelona. Oh Gust Lausanne, Vienna, and Munich followed shortly, as the concept was successful and easily scalable. August’s restaurants were many times featured in the best food & wine magazines, and a couple of celebrities went eating at his places. Among them are Kate Moss, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Taylor Swift. Today, August Gloop is proudly running his own culinary meme business.

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