Simplify. Control. Save. Grow.

Choco is the all-in-one solution for restaurant group management. Restaurant groups and franchise who choose Choco are looking to take control of inventory, simplify ordering, and cut costs across all locations.




orders per month


hours saved daily per location

Trusted by the industry


Slice down your workload

Reduce cost and keep growing

Choco provides you with a detailed report, simplifying the tasks of analyzing food costs, tracking inventory, and reducing food waste.

With these insights, you can save up to 10% on your costs expenditures.

Use the Choco report to make the right decisions and keep growing.


All your suppliers in one place

Juggling all your vendors shouldn't be a struggle.

Choco allows you to chat with your suppliers as easily as you would on WhatsApp or iMessage, saving up to 2 hours every day and keeping those important lines of communication transparently open.

Restaurant group managers have an easy view of what's happening on the supply side.


Order as a team

Managing team members accross locations with various responsibilities can be challenging.

Choco allows you to set permissions and to collaborate on orders, draft requests, and check deliveries.

With no training needed, Choco is intuitive and available in 20+ languages, guaranteeing accessibility for all your team members.


Take control of all your locations

Whether you're running a small group or a franchise, overseeing or even placing orders across all locations is prone to errors. And maintaining control over deliveries can be a meticulous task.

With Choco, you can inform your vendor of missing items directly through the app and receive instant refunds, making your admin tasks much simpler and more efficient.


Choose your device

Choco is built for both desktop and mobile, so whatever works best for you, works for us, too.


What do they have to say?

My favorite feature is having everything we regularly order in an inventory on my phone ready to go. It’s great not having to call and leave messages. Choco makes me feel way more secure because I have the order confirmation in front of me and I know exactly what I am getting.


Grow your restaurant group with the right partner by your side


Choco's pricing for restaurant groups depends on the solution required for your business. For most restaurant groups our free solution is already a great fit. For custom solutions please talk to our sales team.
As a user from a restaurant group, you have access to 24/7 premium support in 5 languages. On top of that, you also have a dedicated account manager who supports you in setting up Choco to its full potential.
Choco has a solution for groups of all sizes from five to 200+ locations. Contact our sales team to learn more about our offer.