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Bursting with ambition, humble to our core

Dare to solve one of the biggest problems our planet is facing? Join us.

Driven by our mission

We’re here to lead a change in one of the oldest industries on the planet. Our vision is to enable a sustainable food system. Because if we don't, who will?

Our ordering platform cuts inefficiencies from supply and demand between restaurants and suppliers across Europe and the US. But that’s just the start.

We’re here to shape, not observe. The problem we’re solving is complex with many moving parts. Its complexity is our motivation. We’re growing fast and need the best team to solve it.


Building together, growing together

We’re not here because it’s an easy journey. We’re here because it's worth pursuing - the challenges along the way make us grow faster. With determination, creativity, and humor, we thrive in tough environments.

If we’re going to reach our end goal, we’re doing it together. We're ready to tackle anything and grow from it as a team. We’re constantly striving to improve and be the best we can be. Trust is given from day one. There are no “new joiners,” there are only Chocorians.

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More than a product, we’re building a solution. More than a company, we’re a community of passionate, curious, and determined builders united by our mission to reshape the food system.


Operations Team

Spreading the word and changing the game for chefs, restaurants, and suppliers.


Engineering, Product and Design

Building products solving problems across the food supply chain.


Business Team

Made up of our Legal, Finance, Marketing, and People Team to drive our growth.

The Chocorian mindset

We’re driven by values we call TOFU: Team, Ownership, Focus, and deep Understanding. A team of Chocorians with TOFU is an unstoppable force of nature. Together, we’re relentlessly determined to win, learn, and test new limits.

It’s team first, always. We think "What is best for choco" and subordinate individual success to team success. Strategies don’t win games, teams do.
We own our problems end to end. We never give up on solving them, so our team can rely on us.
We focus on one thing and become excellent in it, 1% better every day. Our team strives to be the best in what they do.
We understand our users and business on the lowest level of detail to build and serve them with empathy. It allows our team to be aligned toward the same goal.


Our offices are dedicated spaces to learn, grow, collaborate, and focus. We care more about authentic collaboration than we do about fancy office decor. You’ll feel the Choco energy the moment you step through the front door.


What do Chocorians have to say?

Every day at Choco is a new adventure, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and every colleague is driven and talented in their own way.

Vinícius Souza
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I’m leading the LA team currently and I love the energy, creativity and ownership in expansion. Building the West Coast together from the ground up is such a fun and rewarding challenge.

Issy Warner
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I find myself being at the core of building a planet-changing product with cutting-edge technologies and passionate people.

Dinara Bekeshova
Team Choco testimonial_Dinara -

This is a milestone in my life. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a huge impact on the world. And every Chocorian emits this spirit!

Gabriel Michels
Team Choco testimonial_Gab -

Choco has allowed me to grow faster than I could ever expect. From launching cities in the US & Europe to now leading the team in Spain, I couldn’t have wished for a better opportunity after university.

Alex Kiely
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Every day I'm surrounded by incredibly talented people, experience huge personal growth, and have a direct impact building the German-speaking region - Choco holds a very special place in my heart!

Julius Hoffman
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