Our mission

To enable a sustainable food system

We're bringing the food industry online

Our platform enables restaurants and suppliers to mutually streamline their order processes, saving them time, money and food. We help identify the inefficiencies leading to food waste and eliminate them.


The problem

Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet.
The food system is responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. As a comparison, cars account for 8%. Yet as much as 40% of all food produced globally goes to waste, which means that 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions are unnecessary.
70% of food waste happens in the supply chain before food reaches the consumer.


Food waste and the environment

Making room for new farmlands to produce food is the largest driver of deforestation. This causes the loss of natural habitats of animals and is the major driver of their extinction. We have lost 68% of the global wildlife population since 1972 (50 years), and Latin America, home to the Amazon, has lost 94%.

At the same time, 40% of these farmlands are used to produce food that goes to waste and should be transformed back into natural habitats.


Food waste and the economy

The food system is the largest employer on the planet, it employs over 750mn people. Every organization in the food supply chain, from farmers to restaurants, thrives by selling food. If this food goes to waste they suffer an economic loss - worth over €1 trillion annually.

Reducing waste will not only benefit the climate but also enable a large part of the world's population to get paid more fairly.


Our solution

For restaurants

Streamline your order and inventory management, monitor food waste, and generate accurate cost reports with Choco.


For suppliers

Simplify your order management, send targeted promotions for your end-of-life products; and promote new, seasonal items with Choco. Sell off your inventory faster before it goes to waste.


Why "Choco"?

Our namesake is the Chocó district of Colombia—one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth. It is places like Chocò that we are fighting to preserve.


Who is Choco?

We are motivated by our vision and guided by our values. We believe that building a thriving company that contributes to our environment and society and achieving economic success are in direct correlation.

Food waste is a global problem, so we have global ambitions. With operations in six countries across Europe and North America, we are connecting 10,000+ suppliers to 15,000+ restaurants.


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