The sharpest tool in your kitchen

Order and chat with all your suppliers in one intuitive and free app. No more late-night waits on the phone or endless order sheets. Get orders done faster, you get to sleep earlier.

Get your orders in order


RIP Screwups

Orders always have Product IDs, units, and delivery confirmation all-in-one place. Cut mistakes to zero.


Time is money

Breeze through all your supplier orders in one app. Place orders in just three taps. Save 2hr+ per week.


Get started in no time

Choco requires no setup time. Download Choco, follow the intuitive flow and you're ready to go.


Order from all suppliers

Place orders and chat with all your suppliers in one app. Orders are converted into your supplier’s format of choice. Yup, it really works with all your suppliers.


Ordering simplified

Forget stacks of paper pinned to walls. View and edit all your orders in one app. Send perfect orders to your supplier, and get more accurate deliveries. Once your order is received, use Choco to check order accuracy and report missing items.


Order reminders

With Choco you can be in two (or three, or four…) places at once. Keep track of orders across all restaurants from the palm of your hand.


Together with your team

With multi-language options and customizable profiles, your whole crew can use Choco with you. No more he-said, she-said – everyone is in the loop.


Discover Choco in a one-minute video


Choose your device

Choco is built for both desktop and mobile, so whatever works best for you, works for us, too.


Trusted by the industry

My favorite feature is having everything we regularly order in an inventory on my phone ready to go. It’s great not having to call and leave messages. Choco makes me feel way more secure because I have the order confirmation in front of me and I know exactly what I am getting.

James | General Manager | Garden District | Washington, D.C.

Before I used to spend at least 1 hour ordering every day, now I can do that in just 5-10 minutes. There’s no tension or pressure.

Pujan | Executive Chef | Rooh | San Francisco

About 6 months ago, our business at Lucky Buns was growing and it was important to streamline our ordering process, especially because we had different people taking care of it! Now with Choco, ordering takes us 5 minutes instead of 30.

Alex | Executive Chef | Lucky Buns | Washington, D.C.

Before Choco, I had to make sure I was texting the right person or that the email or text message went through. And having to remember and double-check my orders because I was typing them all. Choco is so convenient and efficient!

Kris | Executive Chef | Sazan Ramen | Austin

Oh yeah, and it's free

Choco is free for restaurants. No catches. No hidden fees. Nada. Get started today.


No. You can order from all your suppliers on Choco, whether or not they’re signed up to the platform. Orders placed on the app are converted into your supplier's format of choice – email, text, and via direct integration.
Choco offers quick and efficient support to its users, including in-app chat, email or phone support. Premium suppliers have a dedicated team to onboard all their customers to Choco, as well as personalized training for their team.
No, Choco is for free for restaurants. You can start today to order with your favorite supplier by downloading Choco.