Complete Your Setup, earn a $200 Voucher!

Get ready! You’re only five steps away from securing a $200 voucher*, redeemable at over 200 outlets.

Terms and Conditions.

Here's all you need to do

Add your first supplier

Just a quick tap, and you're on your way. Need help? Check out this article for guidance.


Add your favorite products

Stock up your digital pantry with everything you need. Not sure how? This article can help.


Place your first order

Initiate your first order and keep the momentum going! If you need help, read this article.


Add a second supplier

Don't forget, Choco works with all your suppliers, making it easier than ever to manage your orders. Need guidance? This article is for you.


Complete five orders

After placing your fifth order, you're ready to redeem your voucher in the app!



After completing the five steps, just tap “Claim Reward” in the app. You'll receive an email with a link to claim your voucher.
To keep things even, only one order per day per supplier will count towards your total.
Once you've completes all the steps, a user with the Admin role can claim the voucher on behalf of the restaurant.
The voucher must be spent by business owners or designated team members for expenses related to the business.
You have until 31st of December 2023 to complete the steps. Any completion after this period won't be eligible for the voucher.