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These cross-functional teams are critical in maintaining order as we move fast, take risks, and challenge the norm.

Who we are

Our in-house legal team plays an essential role in scaling and supporting all areas within Choco. From drafting contracts and managing transactions to risk management, counseling, handling venture capital, and data privacy, the tasks are diverse and no day is the same. Given responsibility from day one, the team is collaborative and cross-functional cooperation is essential.

Supporting the growth of Choco to every degree, our Finance team has multiple areas in which to specialize and grow. Be it in financial planning and analysis, in systems or controlling, in group or local accounting, or by working as a business partner to collaborate on operational projects, the team is committed to consistency and delivering a high-quality performance that is integral to the success of Choco.

Our ever-evolving marketing team spans Germany, France, and the US to ensure the voice of Choco is loud and clear in the Global food tech industry. Through content and performance marketing, social media, event management, and PR, the team works to ensure our brand is visible, understandable, and consistent across touchpoints to our target audience. Sitting at the intersection of creative thinking and strategy, the team is cross-functional, quick-witted, and high-performing.

Whether it’s about hiring the right talent, empowering existing Chocorians, developing career paths, or managing our workplaces, our People team is dedicated to ensuring our team has whatever they need to succeed. Our ambitious team is located across 5 countries and supports both global and regional teams.

Choco structure

Our structure

Business teams operate across regions and collaborate cross-functionally. Fuelled by a team-first mentality, we regularly align key objectives with the common goal of moving Choco forward in an efficient and scalable way. Removing bottlenecks and blockers as a team supports us on our path to achieving this.

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