Frequently asked questions


Choco is not a marketplace. Restaurants can order from suppliers with whom they already have a relationship. Likewise, suppliers can onboard restaurants that are already their clients.
Choco offers integration with your ERP, including Quickbooks and 200+ other custom integrations to minimize order processing costs and mistakes.
Choco is free for restaurants. We offer different pricing plans for suppliers based on your needs. If you want to learn more about pricing options visit our supplier page and contact us. Our team will contact you within 24h.


No. You can order from all your suppliers on Choco, whether or not they’re signed up to the platform. Orders placed on the app are converted into your supplier's format of choice – email, text, and via direct integration.
Choco offers quick and efficient support to its users, including in-app chat, email or phone support. Premium suppliers have a dedicated team to onboard all their customers to Choco, as well as personalized training for their team.
No, Choco is for free for restaurants. You can start today to order with your favorite supplier by downloading Choco.