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Don’t miss any orders, grow your customer base, increase revenue, lower order-taking processes costs, and reduce costly errors to zero.
We remove the hassle, you keep the passion.
Not a marketplace. No price comparison.


increase in average basket size


more orders processed with your same team


revenue increase with promotions


order mistakes

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Increase average basket

Mike Foley
North Coast Seafoods
US nationwide

We also are able to use Choco to promote items to our customers to increase sales. The ability to communicate with our customers when they are “ready to purchase” is fantastic. As we improve our catalog, we are seeing more purchases from our customers when they are actively on the app and purchasing.


order mistakes

Northwest Meats Company
US Nationwide 

Prior to Choco everything was done by hand; orders came in by phone calls, voicemail or emails, but not streamlined, therefore prone to errors and that lead us to lose lot of time for each orders. With Choco now we can process more orders, and they're based on order guide specifics for each client. When a client orders an apple, we know which apple.


increase in revenue

David Smith 
Fin & Flounder
London, UK

My first experience with the Marketing feature was we had too much red mullet, but I haven't got anyone to sell it to. I took the picture, I sent it out. We'd oversold by about three times.


more orders with the same team

Les Primeurs d'Issy 

The advantages of Choco Premium are precisely that there is no need for re-entering data, and no time wasted at this level, which allows us to handle a larger volume of orders. Today, with the same number of people, we process a number of orders that is 3 times higher.

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Choco Supplier Journey

A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Step 1: Analysis

At Choco, we understand that every supplier is unique. After a conversation, we provide a proposal and a solution tailored to your needs.


Step 2: Integration

Our engineering team takes care of everything to connect Choco to your ERP seamlessly.


Step 3: Training

Our team trains yours. Sales representatives and the team in charge of the orders will know everything they need to know to generate more revenue with Choco.


Step 4: Onboarding

Our dedicated team will onboard your clients. Even the least tech-savvy users will love using Choco.


Stay ahead of the digital revolution

Don't get left behind. With Choco, you're not just adopting a tool, you're choosing to lead the industry's digital revolution.

What can Choco do for you?



Choco is not a marketplace. Restaurants can order from suppliers with whom they already have a relationship. Likewise, suppliers can onboard restaurants that are already their clients.
Choco offers integration with your ERP, including Quickbooks and 200+ other custom integrations to minimize order processing costs and mistakes.
Choco is free for restaurants. We offer different pricing plans for suppliers based on your needs. If you want to learn more about pricing options visit our supplier page and contact us. Our team will contact you within 24h.