Our vision: To enable a sustainable food system

The problem

Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet, and food waste plays a leading role in causing it.

Globally, the food system is responsible for 24% of total emissions—as a comparison, transportation (cars, flights, ships, and trains) account for 14%.


food waste & the environment

While we strive to produce enormous amounts of food to feed a growing population, we're cutting down our forests to accommodate new farmlands. This is also causing the loss of natural habitats for animals and contributing to their extinction.

Yet as much as 40% of the food produced is wasted each year, implying that 8-10% of all GHG emissions are avoidable, and many precious natural resources can be saved.


food waste & the economy

The food system is the largest employer on the planet. Every organization in the food supply chain thrives by selling food. If they can't sell it, it goes to waste, and they suffer an economic loss - over €1 trillion annually. When these companies waste less food, they will be more profitable.


Our solution

We are bringing the food industry online, one order at a time. We strive to identify the inefficiencies leading to food waste and help eliminate them.

Our platform enables restaurants and suppliers to mutually streamline their order processes, ultimately saving them time, money and food.

By eliminating food waste we can reduce crop and animal production, taking a significant step in minimising deforestation, saving precious natural resources, and contributing to one of the most impactful solutions to climate change.


Why "Choco"?

Our namesake is the Chocó district of Colombia—one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth. It is places like Chocò that we are fighting to preserve.


Who is Choco?

We are motivated by our mission, guided by our values, and driven by the belief that we can build a successful company, which strives to achieve economic resiliency while contributing to the environment and society, and views them to be in direct correlation.

Food waste is a global problem, so we have global ambitions, with operations in six countries across Europe and North America, connecting 10,000+ suppliers to 15,000+ restaurants.


Join us

This is just the beginning. Are you up for the challenge?