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Choco Updates Jan 10, 2021 Connie van Stroud

If you are sending weekly emails showcasing new or special products, then you know how difficult it is to get customers to buy what you are offering. The competition is fierce and time is limited - most chefs don't have time to sit down at a computer and scroll through promotional emails.

The majority of suppliers are already familiar with a basic method of digital marketing: the email telling customers about new seasonal products, or what's on offer that week. This works, but it can be so much better.

Most emails are simply not targeted enough – going out to a big mailing list and not personalised to the customer. They are often not engaging enough, a PDF attachment with a list of products. But most importantly, it's not easy for the customer to quickly purchase a product or add it to their next order.

💡 The average open rate for emails in the food and beverage industry is just 13%, and the click-through rate (how much customers engage in your email) is just 1.2%.

A better solution would remove all of these obstacles. Sending a targeted, personalized message directly to the customer’s phone. They can browse the selection and click “buy”. Then, if they want to re-order or talk to you about it, the functionality is all there.

To solve these challenges, we're excited to launch Broadcasts - a powerful new way to share and sell your products.

Broadcasts allows you to send direct messages to multiple customers at once. Customers receive these messages in the Choco app, allowing them to buy with a click.

It’s an easy way to target the right customer with personalised messages, keep them engaged by attaching images of your products and make it easy to convert. Customers receive the message in the Choco app, which they already use for ordering.

💡 Our supplier partners who are using Broadcasts see an open rate of 80%, a big step up from the industry average of 13%. They also report that over 30% of products shared via Choco are then purchased by customers.

Broadcast messages are also the perfect way to promote special offers or highlight seasonal or perishable products. It makes selling and reducing wasted stock as easy as sending a message.

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