Boost Your Sales With Choco Marketing

Increase customer engagement and sales with targeted and personalized messages.
Choco Updates Apr 26, 2023
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If you regularly send emails to showcase new products or promotional offers, you know how difficult it can be to get your customers to take action. With stiff competition and limited time, most busy customers don't have the bandwidth to wade through emails.

That's why traditional digital marketing methods like mass emails often fall short due to lack of personalization and engagement. Additionally, it's often challenging for customers to quickly purchase a product or add it to their next order.

Did you know? The average email open rate in the food and beverage industry is only 13%, with a click-through rate of just 1.2%.

Boost Your Sales with Choco Marketing

Choco Marketing is a premium feature we offer to help you share and sell your products more effectively. It allows you to send targeted and personalized messages directly to your customers' phones, where they place their orders, so they can discover your product selection and place an order in a single click. With Choco Marketing, you can achieve an average open rate of 80% and increase your sales by 30%.

Everything you can do with Choco Marketing:

  • Send promotions: Send promotions for all your products (both popular items from your catalog and end-of-life products).
  • Promote new products: Launch a marketing campaign to announce the addition of a new product to all your customers at the same time.
  • Targeting your marketing campaigns: Choose who to send targeted promotions to directly from Choco, either to all your customers or to a select few (for example, by type, location, size, etc.).

Enhance Product Discovery at Fin & Flounder

The Choco's Marketing feature has proved to be a game-changer for Fin and Flounder, a renowned wholesaler in the industry in London. By leveraging this innovative tool, they were able to maximize their sales potential and revolutionize their approach to product discovery. 

They are an outstanding example of the successful use of Choco Marketing. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from the trailblazers themselves :

A Successful Campaign for Halles Paris Sud

Halles Paris Sud, a fruit and vegetable supplier in Paris, which has been using Choco since 2021, recently launched their first ever marketing campaign to all their customers (approx. 500) on Choco. The objective was to increase sales of a selection of seven products.

The results :

- 39% increase in product orders compared to the previous day
23% increase in product orders compared to the previous week
271% increase in fennel orders compared to the previous day

"I am delighted to see that our first marketing campaign on Choco has had a significant impact on total orders and discounted items. This encourages us to explore new opportunities to grow our business." - Jonathan, Halles Paris Sud

Unlocking Your Full Sales Potential 

Choco Premium's marketing feature has helped Sabina, the Director of Fohsack Beverages in Munich, increase sales through targeted promotions. Sabina actively sends around 10 campaigns in less than 3 months, reaching her customers directly where they place orders. The feature allows her to create and send promotional messages with direct links to the product catalog, product photos, and relevant information.

The results :

- 25% increase in item orders after clients received targeted promotions
- 20% rise in orders for substitute products

Additionally, Sabina maximizes the use of Choco Marketing, capitalizing on all its benefits, including showcasing substitute products during out-of-stock situations. This innovative approach has not only contributed to generating sales growth but also enhancing customer satisfaction. Choco Marketing has proven to be a powerful tool for boosting sales, delivering tangible results, and driving overall sales growth.

Looking to give your business a boost? See how Choco Premium can take your sales to new heights!