Find your Fermentation Fix

A guide to the funkiest craft beverages in Austin


We often hear the gut being referred to as the second brain which perhaps explains our obsession with fermented beverages, mainly kombucha. It all happened so fast.

As a popular probiotic beverage, kombucha contains live microorganisms produced from fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria which makes SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha health benefits are boasted about in the community such as improved digestion. Though prebiotic drinks do not contain live bacteria, they are fermented in the gut to enhance and stimulate healthy intestinal bacterias. These fun bubbly drinks are also packed with beneficial antioxidants, acids, and amino acids. No wonder they have become essential beverages and have become must-haves in restaurants and cafes. Here are our top 5 selection of coolest Austin beverages you can explore to improve your gut microbiome this winter:

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha - Buddha’s Brew Kombucha
Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Natural fermentation is very much a mindful art, especially for Buddha’s Brew Kombucha. Buddha’s Brew is producing over 14 magical flavors including tangerine turmeric and hibiscus rose. These regenerating drinks can be delivered to your restaurant or cafe in bottles and kegs, in and around Austin! Bringing mindfulness to a kitchen ritual, like brewing kombucha, requires a certain level of patience. For many, the fermentation process can help to bring a sense of inner calm and peace.

KTonic Kombucha

KTonic Kombucha - KTonic Kombucha
KTonic Kombucha

T’is the season for “Chai, how are you?, a spiced chai flavored kombucha with basil, accented with notes of cinnamon and orange. For KTonic, good physical health and a healthy community go hand in hand so, the business has committed to donating 15% of all gross sales from this chai limited-edition to the SIMS Foundation and Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM), providing access to healthcare and mental health support to musicians in Austin. Whether you’re looking for spicy, fruity, and other herbal notes, KTonic has a complete offering.

Casper Fermentables

Casper Fermentables - Casper Fermentables
Casper Fermentables

Casper kombucha is a health-focused beverage to help upset stomachs, with a super smooth and balanced taste. The young and authentic founders of Casper Fermentables are promoting probiotic goodness for healthy digestion all round by offering: kombuchas, sourdough, and fermented veggies. It is really worth discovering Shu Pu’er Tea kombucha with earthy notes of dark cherry and cola. Sounds like the perfect Doctor Kombucha right there!

Kosmic Kombucha

Kosmic Kombucha - Kosmic Kombucha
Kosmic Kombucha

Founders of Kosmic Kombucha, Mina and Omar, are practicing yogis sharing a passion for yoga as well as kombucha. Taps usually mean alcohol, soda, and sometimes juice. However, Kosmic Kombucha is a beloved favorite available on tap in many restaurants and coffee shops across Austin. Their booch recipes are based with organic oolong and green teas. Kosmic Kombucha’s handcrafted concoctions are a hit with Austinites, namely Black Magic and Mint Julep.


Pouring Mayawell prebiotic beverages - Mayawell prebiotic beverages
Mayawell prebiotic beverages

Last but not least, a refreshing prebiotic beverage perfect for the season. Mayawell’s key flavors include strawberry, ginger, hibiscus as well as pineapple, mango, and turmeric— all blended with the formula of organic agavin and organic agave nectar to give you a good gut feeling. Perhaps you’re questioning, what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? Mayawell expresses that “If we’re to think of bacteria as seeds, we should think of prebiotics as water”.

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