Hearty Vegan Friendly Bakeries and Sweet Treats


For restaurants, cafes and workplaces out there, demand for vegan comfort food menu options are growing. From quality baked bread, wholesome sweet treats and decadent pastries, you'll find some of the best options in this Austin list; satisfying individual or/and wholesale orders.

Even as a non-vegan, these scrumptious, locally crafted vegan options would please the most discerning palate. Beyond serving delicious goods, local bakeries often play a special role in their local communities and we believe it is increasingly important to support your local bakers who share their skill and passion to provide more affordable specialties for the community.

No matter where you’re looking around Austin, you’re guaranteed to find something at one of these local bakeries with your name written all over it. Here we have Choco’s selection of top vegan-friendly bakeries in Austin and why.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, please be mindful that these bakeries may be accepting limited future orders so please check the website for further information.

Zucchini Kill

701 E 53rd St.,Austin, Texas, 78751

These fluffy Roky Moon Waffle Pies coated with cinnamon sugar and sandwiched with vanilla cream are one of the most mouth watering treats on Zucchini Kill’s product list, named after one of the bakery’s coolest fans - Austin’s rockstar Rocky Moon!

As a 100% vegan, gluten and soy free bakery that’s delivering nationwide, you can truly rely on the menu to have some of the best vegan recipes out there. And not forgetting, all in 100% compostable packaging! Other top picks include motörbread zucchini or banana loaves. As female punk rock musicians, Zucchini Kill’s name was derived from the 90’s feminist riot grrrl band, Bikini Kill!

Capital City Bakery

2211 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, 78702

How about fresh vegan kolaches as a perfect alternative for your morning breakfast menu? Presenting Capital City’s wholesome variety of sweet and savory kolaches alongside many other pastries, cakes and baked goods.

As one of Texas’ celebrated favorites, it would be a huge advantage for you to order vegan sausage jalapeno cheese, vegan baked ham & cheese or vegan buffalo chicken kolaches. You will be pleased to find a selection of cupcakes, cookies and brownies on the menu including gluten-free options to make your offerings complete.

Capital City Bakery started out from home and very quickly grew into Austin’s first all-vegan bakery food trailer, successfully setting up a store by 2012. The bakery is quite rightly proud to be a female-owned, community focussed and environmentally conscious bakery.

Mr Natural

1901 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, 78702

And just down the road. Chocolatey, fruity, creamy, nutty - Mr. Natural also on East Cesar Chavez has your cravings covered. The bakery has an entirely vegan selection of donuts, cupcakes, pies and pastries to sweeten up anyone’s day.

Did we forget to mention that a number of these are also gluten-free as well? The family-owned and operated bakery/restaurant is a big favorite across the city for it’s substantial selection of vegan/vegetarian Tex-Mex cuisine and has the local community covered for breakfast, brunch, dinner and dessert… even orders for delivery!

Quack's 43rd Street Bakery

411 E 43rd St, Austin, Texas, 78751

It’s so Austin, so hip, to be asked to “meet at Quack’s”. The bakery on Hyde Park offers an array of high-quality baked goods to other cafes and shops in Austin and promotes the value of "homemade" products.

An all time classic at Quack's is the vegan Double Chocolate Muffin. Other vegan goodies that will hit the sweet spot is the Trail Mix Cookie, Raspberry Oat Squares, and of course the Peanut Butter Cups. The staff are known to be super friendly too so you don't need to hesitate with any allergen enquiries. As well as the bakery you can go and check out the coffeehouse.

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

1905 South 1st Street, Austin, Texas, 78704

We mentioned chocolatey and you’re probably thinking “where are the options? I want to see more!”, so we’ve selected a classic from SugarMama’s Bakeshop - Hippy Hollow. A decadent chocolate vegan and gluten free cupcake. You also can’t go wrong with iconic vegan Cookie Sammich with vanilla frosting packed between dark chocolate chip cookies! Fun fact: the bakery was a winning champion in the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars - so no hesitation required.

We are happy that the local movement has gained some momentum to support a sustainable food system. If you fancy experiencing a healthier connection to the food and beverages you consume, while supporting small businesses and the environment, try going local.

Connect with us if you are a bakery in Austin and think one of your goodies deserves to be represented in this list: marketing@choco.com.