Saving Time, Money and Food in the BOH

Downloadable resource to better manage operations across multiple restaurant locations


A new and evolving generation of back of house technologies are enabling restaurants, bars and cafes to rise to a new level of operational efficiency - and bring the back of house forward. To not miss out, it is important to know and evaluate options for your restaurant. You can access the full review here.

$800 per week could be the cost of waste in your restaurant

In our online survey, restaurant managers responded that close to 10 hours and up to 150 lbs of food gets wasted in the back of house, costing businesses as much as $800 per week.

So, how are multi-location restaurants adapting to reconfigure their daily operational demands, minimise order errors, food costs, preparation inconsistencies, and to retain their best staff?

To help restaurants seek new opportunities with technology and adapt to new customer behaviours post-pandemic, we put together a compilation of survey and interview highlights from restaurateurs —including Graspa Group, Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen from Miami, and renowned Chef Matt Orlando from Amass Restaurant —as well as technology leaders to uncover optimization opportunities in the food-service sector.


Included in this resource:

  • Data insights on the back-of-house restaurant tech
  • How to select the right technology for your business
  • Optimization tips for back-of-house operations
  • Ways to reduce costs and food waste

Download here to find a better flow across your multiple locations

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Melbourne Hospitality’s signature locations include Bay 13 brewery (Miami’s first Aussie brewpub) - inspired by the Melbourne city’s lifestyle experienced by the Australian founders, Nick and Teresa, and Threefold Café (also serving breakfast and lunch with mainly locally sourced ingredients).


Graspa Group has created some of Miami’s greatest hot spots such as Segafredo Lincoln Road and Spris Artisan Pizza, which offer their warm Italian hospitality. Founded by Graziano Sbroggio, in 2002, Graspa Group has become a large multi-concept restaurant group.