Hottest Restaurant Memes

Supplied by our sassy alter-ego and greedy food lover August Gloop
Culinary World Dec 17, 2020

Working in the restaurant industry - what a rewarding world of discoveries and human experiences. However, sometimes work can be just a little bit overwhelming, and this is why our favorite meme supplier, August Gloop, is here to bring on the sass with his ultimate restaurant memes.

Born in 1993 in Düsseldorf, Germany, August Gloop first got famous after his appearance on TV as a contestant in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005 under the pseudonym Augustus Gloop. He was the first one to be eliminated due to his greediness and lack of basic knowledge in food safety measures, remember?

Today August Gloop runs his own meme business for restaurant managers, servers, head chefs, line cooks, and all back of house workers. Here are some of his signature works:

The clean towel dilemma


The clean towel is one of the biggest dramas when working in the back of house. Pro-tip: hide your clean towels somewhere you can only know!

Daily life of a food server


We all know that to-do's of food servers include a multitude of tedious tasks such as facing angry and insatiable Karens, loud kids, or grumpy cooks.

Tired of being tired


No matter how much you partied or slept and took care of yourself during your weekend, Tuesday shifts are and will always be the most painful days.

This is how we roll...


Like most chefs and servers, August Gloop is also a passionate food lover who likes spending time grinding, mixing, and baking. His supplies come exclusively from organic and trusted sources, better if homegrown and delivered at his restaurant via the Choco app.

The most annoying thing


This may apply to anyone over 60 years old. Similar (and even more annoying) case scenario: table of ten arrives fifteen minutes before the restaurant closes.

Positivity is the key


If you worked in the front of house, then you must have gone at least once through this awkward moment.

Feet never felt heavier


Science has spoken: after a day working in the restaurant industry, your feet will feel heavier than anything in this universe.

The restaurant crew as dogs


Here is an accurate representation of what dog breeds would people working in a restaurant be. Please, make sure you pay attention to the customer dog's fancy hairstyle before you choose the right cookie for her.



"Everything is under control" until servers keep asking for the same order every two minutes to the back of house.

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