10 Reasons to Date a Chef

You'll find the perfect ingredients for your next love story!


Here are the 10 top reasons why you should consider dating a chef, according to our Team at Choco.

Dating a line cook, head chef, or anyone working in the back of house might turn out to be just the right deal for you. There are countless reasons why a chef could be the ultimate match for anyone out there seeking a creative and resourceful partner.

1. They know how to cook

Obvious but true: whether you find an expert gourmet chef or a kitchen trainee, dating a cook translates into testing, and learning new recipes, and experiencing new tastes. Even a simple pasta dish will turn from basic... to sensational. And of course, you’ll always be the priority customer.

2. They are the new rockstars

Chefs are known to have that rockstar quality that lots of people look for these days. Everyone loves dating a passionate, low-key inspiring, and rebellious soul, equipped with great music playlists and on-point book recommendations. People who love working in the kitchen are creative by nature and often present the right mix of personal qualities to bring on real romance: they know how to be tough, but they also know how to take great care of people.

3. They have a great sense of time, cleanliness, and organization

Before inviting your chef date at home, be prepared that there might be that they cannot stand anything more than a messy kitchen - so be smart: let them take over your fridge, stoves, and drawer duties. Chefs love getting their hands dirty.

4. They always bring out the best flavor

Depending on the recipe they’re preparing for you, your chef date is likely to be smoking up some wonderful aromas which might even evoke some interesting fantasies.

5. They have access to the best secret spots in town

Chefs have crazy, awesome networks! On top of bringing quality food and style to your place, chefs are connected to farmers, producers, and other chefs. Hence, they know the best places in town and will always have a plan when it comes to dining out or organizing a weekend trip. Basically, don’t worry about losing your social life.


6. They wear a uniform

If this is your thing, nothing more to say.

7. They know quality when it comes to meals

Chef life is busy, sometimes manic. It’s probably not the best thing to expect someone serving hundreds of meals every day to do the same for you on a daily basis. But don’t get disappointed, this gives you a chance to embrace your inner chef. Otherwise, it’s quite likely your lover will be bringing back delicious leftovers from their restaurant kitchen- which means sometimes, you will drastically decrease your time worrying about grocery shopping and worrying about what to eat.

8. They are trained to go through lots of stress

Kitchen staff knows how to handle stressful situations and always come up with a plan to make it out successfully … with a cherry on top!

9. They are caring personalities

Chefs care a lot about providing their guests with great food and experiences. Also, more and more back of house workers, these days are actively engaged in making the world a better place by supporting sustainable food producers or finding creative ways to reduce food waste.

10. No bull*hit (they are simply too busy)

Working in the kitchen entails long shifts, and chefs often have no time or energy to waste with meaningless discussions. Let’s not ignore the fact that chefs can be working long nights.

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