Thought Leaderchef or Thought Leader Chef?

A brief on the importance of thought leadership in the food industry


Thought leaders are recognized for their extraordinary knowledge in their field of expertise. They share their experience and show others how to succeed. Their ideas push industries in the right direction and create frameworks that others can use.

So what does this mean for leaders in the food industry?

There are definitely many factors that have shaped the evolution of the food industry throughout the past year. Over the past decade, it has become clearer that our global food system must develop and evolve into a fairer and more sustainable one. It’s about time that we give a louder voice to the people who have an in-depth knowledge of food production, preparation, and consumption. This means that our farmers, producers, and kitchen staff should be acknowledged as the key leaders of our industry. The ones that have dedicated their lives to growing food and working with food. Our Thought Leader Chefs! :blue_heart:

Thought Leader Chefs from all around the world are striving to unfu*k our current food system. They are working towards a sustainable food system; one in sync with our seasons and one which is transparent. These food producers and cooks embrace working together and open up conversations about the processes in the field, production, and in the kitchen.

Visiting the farms and understanding the rhythm of food production is a crucial part of menu planning. These visits involve knowledge exchange about food production and supply which supports the mission of educating, but also offering transparency to their customers. Which products are currently in season? What can I consume locally? When Thought leader chefs conceptualise their menus, they translate nature’s process and artisanal production into dishes. When a chef deeply understands the origin of their ingredients it makes them better equipped to serve; in regards to freshness and flavor of their masterpiece but also for the story that goes with the dish. This is essential for Thought Leader Chefs so they can present their philosophy to their communities. It’s all about creating the space and opportunity for the customer to reflect and engage on the topic of what they are eating.

Researching and developing new cooking techniques either for improved texture, flavor, or food waste reduction are part of the scope of a Thought Leader Chef. Sharing their know-how such as nose-to-tail cooking or about the preservation of specific products also contributes to the evolution of Gastronomy and also contributes to conscious consumption. There has been a vast amount of research and development from thought leader chefs all over the world and now it’s time to share it… and make these innovative tools and techniques more accessible.

Thought Leader Chefs can be known both locally and globally, and are in great positions to be the voice of our industry. They are experts at communicating a mission and vision so that it translates into something their customers and network also want to be a part of. Showcasing their thought processes and technical skills will ignite a flame of inspiration for other chefs and industry members all around the world to follow their lead. Choco wants to contribute to preserving and sharing this valuable knowledge and so we are working on our open-source platform “Choco Chef Academy” which is coming soon!