Choco Celebrates Milestone with 500,000 Monthly Orders


Choco, the leading platform for restaurants and suppliers, is thrilled to announce that it has reached a significant milestone: 500,000 monthly orders. This achievement underscores a remarkable growth that cements the company's standing as one of the worldwide leaders in its industry.

"Crossing the half-million monthly orders threshold is a milestone that cements our leadership in revolutionizing food supply management," states Daniel Khachab, CEO of Choco. "This achievement underscores our vision to transform the ordering process, making it a benchmark for efficiency and simplicity. We're not just on track; we're blazing the trail, continually pushing our innovations to redefine expectations and empower our customers."

This milestone comes when Choco has been actively expanding its offerings for suppliers and strengthening its global presence. In an increasingly digital age, Choco stands out for its commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with customer-centric solutions.

Choco's growth has been primarily driven by its focus on optimizing digital interfaces and improving user experience. As a result, the company has been able to scale rapidly.

The achievement of 500,000 monthly orders positions Choco for a strong year and confirms its position as the European market leader, aligning with its vision to redefine the food technology landscape. The company aims to sustain its growth rate and further establish its footprint on a global scale.