Discover how Choco Premium's targeted promotions helped Fohsack booost sales by 25%
Case Studies, Suppliers May 09, 2023
Savina Fohsack - Geschäftsführerin von Fohsack Beverages

Fohsack Getränke is a beverage wholesaler located in the Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania regions of Germany. The company has a long history in the beverage industry. With over 100 employees, Fohsack Getränke delivers more than 1,000 gastronomic items to customers in the region.

Facing Delivery Challenges with Choco:

Fohsack Getränke faced a challenge in ensuring smooth delivery processes and avoiding errors that result in costly and frustrating additional deliveries. The company also needed to find a way to effectively market new products and run successful campaigns to increase sales.

"The most important advantage is clearly avoiding errors. Clearly, additional delivery is unnecessary. With Choco the chain from order acceptance to the picking driver at the customer's site works smoothly." Savina Fohsack - Founder of Fohsack Getränke

Savina Fohsack, the director of Fohsack, turned to Choco, to avoid errors in the operations process. Choco Premium helped to streamline their operations, ensuring that the entire supply chain from the moment where they accept the order to the picking driver at the customer's site worked smoothly to avoid mistakes.

Increasing Sales with Choco's Marketing Feature

All suppliers know how important is to keep your customers coming back. But with so many different marketing strategies out there, it can be difficult to know which ones will actually work. The company also needed to find a way to effectively market new products and run successful campaigns to increase sales. Fortunately, Choco Premium's targeted promotions feature has a solution.

Redefining Marketing Strategy

Savina is using Choco's marketing feature actively, sending about 10 campaigns in less than 3 months (3-4 campaigns per week). That way, Fohsack can reach her customers directly when they are placing orders and showcase her products, all in just a few clicks.

Choco Marketing allows to create and send promotional messages quickly and easily, including:

- Direct links to her product catalog
- Photos of the product
- All the essential details (offer validity, discount value, number of featured products...)

"What a great invention that Choco implemented this marketing feature. Because I'm also currently actively selling new products or I'm doing campaign every weeks and that's going great." Savina Fohsack - Founder of Fohsack Getränke

With Choco Marketing, Sabina has been able to upgrade her digital marketing and start boosting sales effortlessly.

Start boosting sales

By promoting actively her product with Choco Marketing, they start seeing great results. In fact, Fohsack has seen an average increase of 25% in item orders after their clients received targeted promotion directly on their Choco app.

In addition to using Choco Marketing to promote her products effectively, Savina has found a creative way to leverage its functionality to address out-of-stock situations.

Unlocking the full potential of Choco Marketing

Furthermore, alongside utilizing the marketing tool to promote her product, Savina use it in a clever way to promote substitute products when certain items were out of stock. Using Choco Marketing, Savina and her team were able to showcase substitute products to customers and generate effective promotions. As a result, Fohsack experienced a significant increase in orders, with a 20% rise in orders for substitute products.

This approach not only ensured customer satisfaction by minimizing the inconvenience of out-of-stock products and eliminating back-and-forth communication, but it also became an additional avenue for driving sales. By keeping clients informed and offering alternative options, it eliminated frustration and opened up new opportunities for boosting sales.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Simplify order management and watch your sales soar!

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