Shuck It! All about Oysters

Open an oyster in 4 easy steps
Culinary News Mar 10, 2020
Oyster opening

Here is our guide on how to open oyster in 4 steps.

What you need to shuck an oyster is:

  • an oyster knife (with a short and thick blade)
  • a hard and flat surface
  • a towel or a protective oyster glove

Here are the steps every chef should follow to open an oyster:

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  • Open the hinge: wrap a towel over your hand or wear an oyster glove. Use it to hold the oyster firmly over a flat surface. Wiggle and carefully push your knife between the two shells right at the tip of the oyster and apply a twisting force as if you were turning a set of keys.

  • Cut gently: slide the knife around the outside of the oyster shell to loosen the top from the bottom by gently cutting the muscle in the middle and discard (and recycle whenever possible) the top shell. Make sure you do not damage the meat or lose any liquid.

  • Separate the meat from the bottom shell: scrape the knife along the inside of the bottom shell to separate the meat. Enjoy your oyster!

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