Why Suppliers Should Digitalize Their Sales

To save time and say goodbye to manual order entry forever


With all the issues in the global supply chain, it’s never been more important for suppliers to have a solid handle on all their orders. Managing multiple different relationships with restaurants makes it hard to stay on track without making mistakes.

While many suppliers continue to use manual order entry processes, the ones who digitize their sales are reaping major benefits. They’re saving time, cutting down on mistakes, and eliminating the stress that comes with complex orders.

In this post, we’ll make the case for why food suppliers should digitize their sales.

Why should food suppliers digitalize their sales?

Supplier management systems make it possible to control processes that are often complex. With all the tiny details that go into managing your orders, it’s critical that your operations are as efficient as possible.

Digitalizing your sales processes makes it easy to track performance, analytics, and orders, so you can quickly figure out if there are any problems in your supply partnerships.

Suppliers, producers, and wholesalers who are currently using supplier management software are able to complete a variety of tasks much more quickly. These include:

  • Managing online ordering
  • Viewing sales reports
  • Maintaining accurate food inventory information
  • Keeping records of suppliers & recipes
  • Digitizing invoice records

Using this software reduces “second runs” because you can track every last order down to its tiniest detail.

If you’re a supplier managing multiple relationships, it can be frustrating trying to communicate with each individual partner and then having to track them down for information, payment, etc.

Digitizing your sales process takes away all that frustration and stress, freeing up your mind and schedule. With the extra time that this shift to the digital world gives you, you’ll be able to invest in other critical aspects of your business rather than getting caught up in little details around orders.

What should we keep in mind?

Making the decision to digitalize your sales processes can be a difficult one for many business owners. After all, change brings about a lot of uncertainty–especially if you’ve been operating one way for a long time (like many suppliers in the food industry have).

However, consider the benefits that you’ll experience by making this shift. The one resource that we never seem to have enough of is time. Transitioning from physical order entry to digital will save you hours of time and headaches. These massive benefits outweigh the short-term difficulties of learning a new system.

You might be wondering how you can even get started with this transition. The good news is that we have you covered on that front.

Our app at Choco is one example of supplier management software that gets rid of all those pain points. It allows you to manage orders, update your catalog, promote your products, and communicate with restaurants – all in one place. Plus, Choco integrates with your ERP (no matter what you use) to help erase the errors from manual order entry forever.