Level up with choco premium

Choco Premium is our paid plan, uniquely customized for your business. With full access to our solutions and a dedicated team to support your digital transformation, Premium gives you the benefits of automated operations, more efficient sales, and stronger customer relationships.

With Choco’s free plan, you can continue to receive orders via email, SMS and WhatsApp from customers who use Choco.

Win time, cut costs

Free Premium
Standardized orders Efficiently process accurate orders with product IDs, units and delivery dates
Automated order entry Eliminate manual entry with ERP integration
Automated catalog sync Share up-to-date product assortment and availability
Customized order settings Ensure orders meet cutoff times, delivery days and minimum value
Order edits & confirmations Keep customers informed with easy communications

Sell more than before

Free Premium
Digital ordering for customers Boost sales with a better ordering experience and less friction
In-app product promotions Send targeted promotions where customers place orders
Digital catalog Simplify product search and discovery
Customized order guides Personalize customer order guides to promote new products

Onboarding and support

Free Premium
Live support for your customers Access to Choco Support to resolve questions
End-to-end customer onboarding A dedicated team to onboard your existing customers
Live support for your team Access to Choco Support via app and web
Custom implementation Personalized setup and training for your team

Getting started with Choco

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Learn more about Choco, our app, and how we make order management easier.


Choco creates a custom offering based on your business and needs.


Choco onboards your customers and integrates with your ERP.


We are committed to providing you and your customers end-to-end support to drive real impact for your business.

Receiving Choco orders already?

Our complete offering is only available with a Premium plan. Suppliers without Premium can receive orders via email, SMS or WhatsApp from customers using the Choco app.

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