How Mme Shawn uses Roles & Permissions

See how this Paris-based, Thai restaurant uses Roles & Permissions to reduce order mistakes


"Everyone at my locations was doing and ordering what they want," says Eric, the Operational Manager at Mme Shawn. "They made orders without knowing why we do things a certain way." This was until Choco's newest feature: Roles & Permissions.

The Challenge

To keep an organized ordering process is a difficulty faced by many restaurant groups as they scale. This was certainly true for Mme Shawn, a Paris-based Thai restaurant that has recently expanded headcount to keep up with their new locations.

The challenge was that it was difficult for Eric, the Operational Manager at Mme Shawn, to set boundaries for his team around the products that should (and shouldn't) be ordered. This resulted in more unexpected items showing up in deliveries and on invoices with no easy way for Eric to manage this problem across all locations.

Eric, the Operational Manager at Mme Shawn, stands in front of his restaurant.

The Solution

In September 2021, Eric from Mme Shawn started using the new Roles & Permissions feature on Choco, which gave him access to three new roles he could assign to his team: Admin, Staff, and Viewer.

  • Admin: Edit order guides and roles.
  • Staff: Reply to messages and place orders.
  • Viewer: View messages and orders.

Here's how Eric used these roles to streamline his team's ordering workflow. First, Eric revamped the list of pre-approved for every supplier, removing any products that would cause confusion. Next, he assigned his location managers the "Staff" role, so he could oversee any future changes to order guides.

The Result

Soon, Eric started to see the results. With only himself in control of order guides, they were much more organized than before when everyone on the team could make small changes to products and units. Order guides were more consistent across locations as compared to before, when many small changes across hundreds of products went unnoticed. Most importantly, the new roles reduced the number of unexpected products that were ordered.

Eric uses Choco to streamline ordering across his group's locations.

How to use Roles & Permissions

For best use of the Roles & Permissions feature, you can follow the general structure used by Eric and his team. As part of upper management, Eric gave himself the "Admin" role and kept access over all Choco functionality. After cleaning up his order guides with only approved products, he then assigned his location managers the "Staff" role. Lastly, Eric assigned the "Viewer" role to anyone new on the team as they learned the ropes of the operation.

To learn more, you can watch our demo video that explains this new feature in depth. If you have any issues or questions, never hesitate to reach to your dedicated account manager via the Choco Support chat.

Here displayed is Choco's newest feature: Roles & Permissions.