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The Producer Guide is here to help chefs and restaurant managers find new products to include in their menu and connect with local suppliers and producers in New York City.

Fresh produce

Finest Foods NY

This urban farm is located in Huntington (Rexers Crossroads Farm) and focuses on the health benefits and delicious flavor of organic microgreens, sprouts, and grasses (wheatgrass and barleygrass). All Finest Foods NY's products are grown fresh every week and harvested within one day of sale.

Tongore Brook Farm

Tongore Brook Farm is a small, family-owned and operated enterprise located in scenic StoneRidge, New York, situated where the Catskills Mountains meet the Hudson Valley. Tongore Brook Farm "Big Flavor Grown Superfood" microgreens are 4 to 40 times richer in nutrients than their full-grown vegetable varieties.

USDA Certified Organic and available year-round, they are sun-grown in bespoke soils, and irrigated in purified rainwater, and hand-harvested at peak flavor. All of Tongore Brook Farm products are robust, vibrant in color, and intensely flavorful, typically lasting up to two weeks in storage.

Fable Farm to Table

Located in the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley, Fable From Farm To Table is a farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Fable's farmers believe that through dedication, hard work, and modern technological advancements in agriculture, they can provide the freshest fruits and vegetables all year round without the use of harmful pesticides.


Environmental champion and certified B Corporation, AeroFarms is leading the way to address our global food crisis by building, owning, and operating indoor vertical farms that grow safe, healthy, and flavorful microgreens and baby greens in a sustainable and socially responsible way, setting a new standard for totally protected agriculture from seed to package.

Perfect Foods

Perfect Foods grows and distributes organic microgreens & wheatgrass to the NY region from their Hudson Valley farm in Goshen. Their greens are soil-grown indoors year-round, are harvested fresh the day before delivery, and come in several colorful and flavor-packed varieties. In 1982, Perfect Foods became one of the first urban agriculture companies in NYC.

Bristol Mushrooms

Producers of specialty mushrooms in the rolling hills of Finger Lakes, Bristol Mushrooms grow their gourmet products indoors throughout the year for both local markets and for shipping in restaurants when in stock. Their offering can change weekly.

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers is a women-and-queer-owned cooperative farm, rooted in social justice, growing sustainable vegetables, flowers and herbs in Millerton, NY. They practice holistic and regenerative agriculture, which takes care of the land and yields the fresh, delicious produce they're known for. In addition, Rock Steady's food access initiative provides produce to low-income community members, including seniors, families with young children, and people living with serious health concerns.

Gopal Farm

Gopal Farm heirloom Indian specialty vegetables, spices, and Ayurvedic herbs are grown from seeds harvested from different regions of India, including the foothills of the Himalayas. This produce thus retains the distinctive aromas, flavors, and health attributes for which Indian herbs, vegetables, and spices are renowned worldwide, preserving at the same time the tradition of those ancient varieties that are becoming obsolete even in India. In Sanskrit (go = cows, pal = friend) "Gopal Farm" means "Friendly Cow Farm".

This 90-acre farm in New Paltz, NY in the Hudson Valley focuses on growing heirloom Indian vegetables and Ayurvedic herbs, amongst other products. Their holistic Complete (Isha-vasya) farming method encompasses most non-conventional and emerging systems of agriculture including regenerative, organic, permaculture, and biodynamic, drawing inspiration from the ancient holistic wisdom of Indian Vedic Sanskrit texts, dating back to the second millennia BC.

Spice of Life Farm

Spice of Life Farm is a family-run herb and vegetable farm located in the abundant Finger Lakes region of New York, 15 minutes from the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake and 30 minutes from downtown Ithaca. Growing since 2005, the farm is now in its 14th season with 3 acres in cultivation. Spice of Life farmers take great pride in growing the highest quality and organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs, both wild and cultivated.

Amongst their great variety of fresh produce, Spice of Life Farm offers blue Hopi dry corn, a traditional variety of this crop adapting perfectly to drought soils and that is versatile for many different preparations. Similar to yellow corn for the starch content, this crop contains anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment that is responsible for the blue color.


Great Gun Shellfish

Great Gun Shellfish LLC is a Long Island aquaculture company in East Moriches, NY. Paul McCormick owns and operates the Great Gun Shellfish Farm in Moriches Bay, where oysters are grown in a natural and sustainable way. These unique-surface-grown, wave-crafted premium oysters are selected and harvested by hand.

After their reintroduction in their original environment, indigenous Virginia oyster species have adapted to the new ecological conditions— and, just like in wine, their sensorial properties encase the farm environment. Great Gun Farm's restorative practices have made it possible to develop their oysters' singular up-front burst of brine with a sweet, buttery finish, as well as hints of sugar kelp, which is also grown on-site.

Fishers Island Oysters

Fishers Island Oysters is a family-run aquaculture farm dedicated to selecting and cultivating Atlantic oysters from their hatchery to their nursery, to then grow and hand-pick them on West Harbor's waters. "Oysters cultivation is the most sustainable form of protein production on earth"- says Molly Malinowski from Fishers Island Oysters. The company's main mission is protecting and restoring the marine environment while ensuring the finest quality for their products.

Thanks to the active water-flow of West Harbor and the unique suspension culture method, Fishers Island Oysters possess a crisp, even sparkling taste and clean finish. Fisher Island Oysters' size is 3-3.5 inches long, while Petites', with more limited availability, is between 2.5-3 inches.

These easy-to-shuck products are grown in an area where the water salinity is about 30-32 ppt: this vibrant seawater locks Fishers Island Oysters' zesty savoriness within its smooth, delicate meat, silky mouthfeel, earthiness, and minerality, together with mossy and berry notes.

We Are The New Farmers

Spirulina is a micro-algae that is an excellent source of a variety of nutrients and vitamins as well as plant-based protein, it is commonly available as a dehydrated powder. We Are The New Farmers, however, is growing spirulina locally and can offer it fresh, which means it comes as a paste and not as powder.

Fresh spirulina tastes very different than dried Spirulina (it has no fishy taste), is incredibly sustainable and it is much more nutritious. Thanks to its unique texture, it can replace dry spirulina powder in many dishes but more interestingly, it can open up opportunities for new recipes such as hot beverages and snacks.

We Are The New Farmers' urban farm is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and their fresh spirulina is completely unprocessed, grown in closed tanks, filtered water, and in controlled conditions. It is immediately refrigerated after harvest to ensure the highest quality possible. The final product is a perishable paste with a two-week shelflife.


Four Fat Fowl

Four Fat Fowl produces high-quality, all-natural artisan cheese made from the best ingredients the Hudson Valley has to offer. Committed to the sustainability of their community, the company is partnered with local farms and businesses, and recently renovated the old Stephentown Elementary School into a state-of-the-art cheese-making facility. It seems only fitting that their name should be locally sourced as well.

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch colonized the Hudson Valley and established a system of landholding called patroonship. Stephentown was named after Stephen Van Rensselaer, also known as the “Good Patroon” because he was lenient in collecting rent, which included a day’s labor, ten to twenty bushels of wheat per hundred acres, and“four fat fowl.”

Snow Farm Creamery

Snow Farm Creamery is a small and family-run business in its 4th generation, whose success lies in the pursuit of humane agriculture with sustainable economic practices. Snow Farm Creamery dairy farm, called Snofarm Dairy, strives to produce high-quality milk and to take the best care of their animals. With about 5% of the milk, they make quality farmstead cheeses to sell locally and regionally.

Every Friday they produce a batch of cheese, usually making 40-55 pounds of cheese each batch. To start, they fill up 6 stainless steel milk cans during the morning milking, then lift them into the back of their pick-up truck, drive down the road to their cheese-making facility, and then spend the morning and afternoon handcrafting cheese for you to enjoy.

Salvatore BKLYN

Think Brooklyn and lots of things come to your mind. The last thing might be a dairy plant, and, even stranger, one that makes hand-made premium ricotta cheese. Salvatore BKLYN was born out of a passion for good simple Italian-inspired food, as well as of a desire to create a connection between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley where the founder grew up.

Jake's Gouda

Jake's Gouda dairy farm is located in Deansboro, New York. Originally from Pennsylvania, their family moved to their current 200-acre farm mainly due to climate change, as Upstate New York's cooler climate allows them to have easier access to feed mills and cattle dealers. In their very first year, their Gouda placed fourth in the US for the Gouda Cheese category at the World Champion Cheese contest.

Coach Farm

For over 30 years Coach Farm has been devoted to the traditions of an artisanal creamery, using only Grade A goat milk, hand-ladling curd for cheese, and allowing the local land to dictate the flavors in their products.

Coach Farm produces dairy goods using 100% fresh milk from their own goats and carries on their award-winning recipes created since they began. With the addition of their new state-of-the-art facility in 2020, they meet the latest quality requirements in their SQF Facility and guarantee superior, consistent quality of cheese while respecting their old old recipes.

The White Moustache

The White Moustache is a dad-to-daughter business dedicated to the art of making yogurt and derived products without machines and without excess energy use while promoting an eco-friendly and completely organic environment for their yogurt cultures to flourish. No preservatives, salt, sugar, cream, or starches are used in the making process.

Ronnybrook Farm

Ronnybrookis committed to producing dairy products in an old-fashioned, slow, and easy way. Their products are consistently recognized as “the best” in numerous dairy categories, from the “Best Dairy” in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine to the “Best Egg Nog” as awarded by The Huffington Post.


Meili Farm

Located in Amenia, NY Meili Farm practices all-natural and high-quality breeding of different animals, such as Tamworth-Berkshire hogs, Belted Galloway-Hereford cows, and heritage breed laying hens, all raised on pasture in the most humane way possible. The corn used in their feed is non-GMO and is grown on-site by the farmers, stored at high moisture content, and naturally fermented.

Sweetman's Farm

With their 35 years of experience, Sweetman's Farm farmers know exactly what cattle need to be healthy. Their family-owned-and-operated farm is located in the Hudson Valley NY region, nestled just outside of the historic village of Warwick, NY. Sweetman's Farm employs sustainable farming practices for their crops and animals, including all-natural grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and lamb, hand-picked and organic vegetables, and free-range eggs.

Stone & Thistle Farm

At Stone & Thistle Farm, located in a lush, quiet valley in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, NY farming is a family adventure. They are committed to raising happy and healthy animals, and living a fun, wholesome life (notes from the farmers: farm family members include border collies and livestock guardian dogs). Stone & Thistle Farm's livestock and poultry are pastured raised and present excellent quality, taste, and nutritional properties.

Helder Herdwyck Farm

Herdwyck lamb is exceptionally tender and mild with a flavor unique to the breed and its forage. The farmers harvest as much of the animal as legally possible by USDA inspection, including tongue, liver, kidney, all bones, hide, and horns. With an excellent yield of meat to the bone, these animals are ideal converters of forage to food and are a very sustainable breed. In tune with the beautiful hill-town surroundings, Helder Herdwyck farmers practice holistic management of whole-farm planning in the operation of their farm.

This basically means that, whenever there is a decision to be made, they take into consideration what effects the particular choices may have on the family, livestock, farm business, and the environment. Helder Herdwyck farmers decided early on that they wanted to get the most benefit from their farm sustainably, nutritiously as well as financial security with the least impact on their environment, and a minimum of "farmer fussing" in flock or herd health management.

Peconic Escargot

Peconic Escargot is located in Cutchogue, NY on the North Fork of Long Island. Their greenhouse operation provides the snails with fresh air and natural sunlight, which ensures their year-round production and high quality. Peconic Escargot is a heritage French species called Petit Gris or Little Grey Snail, known for their exquisite flavor and tenderness.

They are sold fresh and raw, and never canned or frozen, which results in a more flavorful product and with no alteration such as chewy texture. Peconic Escargot farmers also produce a rare and wonderful white caviar, simply cured with salt- snails generally lay only 50-100 eggs each year, therefore, their Snail Caviar is an extraordinary treat.

Greenane Farms

Greenane Farms is a diversified family farm practicing natural and sustainable agriculture in the Western Catskill mountains in the heart of the New York City Watershed, raising and processing the best quality pasture-raised organic poultry, game birds, heritage pork, and grass-fed and finished Angus beef. The farmers also operate an on-farm-to-table restaurant serving the finest in authentic Mexican cuisine and wood fire-grilled steaks and meats, with an adjacent farm store.

Sauces & Pantries

Amagansett Sea Salt

The peculiarity of Amagansett Sea Salt lies in its "finishing", "plating", or "post-plating" usage: three grains are enough to enrich the flavor of any food, according to Amagansett Sea Salt makers. What started as a simple adventure of fine food and life by the sea in 2011 soon turned into years of mastering their making process of salt to develop their selection of premium products: today, Amagansett Sea Salt is one of top chefs' and home-cooks' favorite companies when it comes to highlighting any recipe with a pinch of unrefined sea-breeze.

Amagansett Sea Salt is crafted in small batches from Atlantic Ocean seawater that is solar evaporated outdoors, hand-harvested using traditional methods to produce unrefined, moderately coarse, slightly moist, irregularly shaped granular salt without any additive products. As Amagansett Sea Salt's crafters' motto suggests, this salt-making process requires four main ingredients: water, sun, wind, and patience.

Ulli's Oil Mill's

Ulli came to America in 2011 and immediately missed the rich Austrian tradition of local, cold-pressed oils with which she was raised. The stamp pressing process that she carries on is used to preserve the nutritional properties and terroir of Ulli's Oil Mill's products, including her organic Good Food Awards winner organic cold-pressed hemp oil. The leftovers of this production are used in her sustainable line of protein powders.

Beezy Beezy Honey

Local beekeepers and New York State certified hemp growers, Beezy Beez Honey crafters offer all-natural products, from their selection of non-GMO raw honey and infused blends, to their lines of skincare products. Together with this activity, Beezy Beez Honey has founded a project for people to adopt a beehive at one of their farm locations or rooftop hives around New York and New Jersey.

Bushwick Kitchen

Bushwick Kitchen makes a range of versatile and delightful hot sauces. Starting with beautiful ingredients sourced from the Hudson Valley, the Catskill Mountains, and Queens, they infuse, mix, make, bottle, and ship from their kitchen. Every batch is handmade with lots of love and spice-induced watering eyes in Brooklyn, NY.

Mike's Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey started with a passion for creating and sharing the perfect fusion of two of the most wonderful flavors: honey and chili peppers. In 2004, the founder Mike Kurtz made the first batch of his signature hot honey to share with friends and family. Since then, Mike's Hot Honey has grown exponentially, but the same care is still put into every bottle.

Auria's Malaysian Kitchen

Auria's mission is to bring the distinct and wonderfully diverse flavors of Malaysian sauces. She grew up surrounded by the delicious cuisine of her homeland and soaked up the diverse culinary inspiration that reflected the multi-ethnic makeup of the people of Malaysia. In her mother’s kitchen, she learned how to cook sumptuous curries, delectable noodle dishes, and various exquisite meat and seafood preparations with Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Portuguese influences.

Season-permitting, Auria's Malaysian Kitchen uses local produce as much as possible, sourcing peppers from Blooming Hill Farm in Monroe, NY and other farms in the Hudson Valley, and eggs from farms in NJ.


Xilli is a collection of authentic, artisanal Mexican salsas, moles, escabeches, and adobos handmade in Brooklyn using the freshest ingredients and the most conscientious methods. Xilli is committed to working directly with producers to ensure both the quality of our products and fair wage practices.

Seed + Mill

Seed + Mill is a women-owned business- the product of three friends, Lisa Mendelson, Monica Molenaar, and Rachel Simons, united by a shared passion for food, cooking, and high-quality, healthy ingredients. Inspired to create something unique, they experimented in their kitchens with version after version of halva and tahini recipes, dreaming up surprising combinations of these traditional foods.

The Pickle Guys

The Pickle Guys produce pickles from an old Eastern European recipe just the way mom use to make them, as they proudly like saying. Their pickled products are made by letting them sit in salt brine with garlic, spices, and no preservatives. Storing them in barrels, from a day up to six months, the pickles cure as they sit.

New York Shuk

New York Shuk is a maker of handcrafted Middle Eastern pantry staples. As two Israeli natives living and cooking in New York City, Ron and Leetal's mission is to share the beauty of the Middle East through its unique flavors.


Sol Cacao

Sol Cacao is an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer that crafts single-origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx (Port Morris). Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas, and Daniel, Sol Cacao strives to create the finest quality of chocolate by having a thorough understanding and expertise associated with every step in the chocolate manufacturing process.

Antidote Chocolate

Antidote Chocolate is committed to sourcing cacao beans from farms in the south and west of Ecuador that use organic practices and crafting the finest chocolate. They work in close collaboration with their cacao partners to achieve unique processes and desired flavor profiles for each cacao percentages.

Tea, Coffee, & non-alcoholic beverages

Bushwick Tea

Bushwick Tea was born out of a desire to elevate the tea experience alongside the 3rd wave coffee movement. Every spring, they explore tea fields across Asia looking for the most beautiful organic teas. Meanwhile, their brilliant master blender composes our caffeine-free wellness infusions.

Cantave De Sant Marc

A few generations ago Cantave de Saint Marc teams' family-farmed coffee in the Artibonite region of Haiti. Agriculture provided an economic foundation that helped their family flourish, and today, they are proud to be working with Haitian farmers who are building the same stability for their families today through coffee cultivation. The farmers they partner with plant one new tree for every pound of coffee that they import, as part of the reforestation effort.

Pilot Kombucha

Pilot Kombucha started in 2015 with the goal of bringing health to the hedonistic food lovers of NYC. Each flavor starts with a unique house-blended tea with elements layered throughout the process making each bottle a completely unique taste experience. Their kombucha is brewed lowly and slowly, limiting acid and resulting in a juicier, more approachable product.

Rise Brewing Co.

RISE Brewing Co. makes high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the freshest organic ingredients available. After sampling beans, roasts, and cold brewing methods from all over the world, they created a recipe that their friends and families loved and implemented their recipe by using a state-of-the-art water filtration process. Rise coffee is more caffeinated and way less acidic than other available options, and its crafting process preserves well the natural flavors of the coffee beans.

Grady's Cold Brew

Grady's Cold Brew started in a home kitchen in Brooklyn. Working as a production editor at GQ Magazine, Grady began to sling his signature coffee brew in the elevator banks at Conde Nast. Word spread quickly and soon people were hounding him for their fix. It wasn’t long before Grady’s Cold Brew received the highly covetable GQ feature and Grady quit his day job.

The company recently moved into their new 15,000 sqft. brewery in the Bronx where everything is still produced in-house in a wonderland of stainless steel tanks and machinery allowing them to maintain premium quality while growing in volume.

Wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages

Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

Five Boroughs Brewing Co. was founded in 2017 by Blake Tomnitz and Kevin O’Donnell. Located in Brooklyn’s diverse and dynamic Sunset Park neighborhood, Five Boroughs brews all of its beer on-site in a 15,000 square-foot facility. The Five Boroughs team makes beer with New York City’s varied tastes and preferences in mind, brewing an array of seasonal and year-round styles that are obsessively high quality and always accessible.


Astoria, Queens' first operating microbrewery since Prohibition, Siglecut is dedicated to three things: putting pride before profit, only brewing the most intense and vibrant beers you’ve ever tasted, and always playing music loud.

Torch & Crown Brewing Company

Growing up in the NYC area, founders Joe Correia and John Dantzler didn’t always want to open a brewery. But one night at age 16, fate struck, both tragically had their fake IDs confiscated at a bar in the East Village. Left with no way to buy beer, the two decided they’d make it. After 10 years, thousands of trial batches, and a few more boil-overs, John and Joe have reunited to create Torch & Crown Brewing Company.

Enlightenment Wines

Enlightenment Wines Meadery is a natural meadery sourcing or foraging local ingredients within New York State. Enlightenment Wines crafting style is an ancestral method embracing wild spontaneous fermentation of their wines, made with natural fruits and honey, and avoiding the use of sulfites, additives, or filtration.

Shinn Estate Vineyards

Shinn Estate is a family-owned winery & farmhouse located in the heart of the North Fork. Their philosophy is that great wine begins in the vineyard and should reflect the region where its grapes are grown. Established in 2000, Shinn Estate has been regarded as a pioneer in the Long Island wine industry for its focus on sustainable farming.

Paumanok Vineyards

Paumanok Vineyard is a family-run 127-acre estate where only premium vinifera grapevines are planted, consisting of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. Here, the traditional dense planting of the vineyards produces more concentrated fruit and therefore higher quality wines.

Palmer Vineyards

Back in 1983 Robert Palmer, better known to his friends as Bob, had a vision. He purchased a rolling parcel of gravelly farmland on the North Fork of Long Island and cultivated his vineyard. Today, owned and operated by the Massoud Family, Palmer Vineyards has established itself as one of the most visible and well-reputed Long Island estate wineries.

Throughout the years, the vineyard and its wines have received numerous accolades. This praise reflects Bob Palmer’s pledge of quality and excellence. “I have to set the standards high”, said Bob, “my name is on every bottle".

Kings County Distillery

Kings County Distillery is New York City’s premier craft distillery and among the most acclaimed small distilleries in the United States. Focused exclusively on whiskeys, Kings County has made a name for its bourbon, peated bourbon, rye, and other creative whiskeys, especially for having embraced a variety of whiskey cultures and blended them into creative, distinctive products.

Spokesman of a radical shift in style within its commercial category- due to, for example, the use of a sweet-mash with freshly developed yeasts and to the open, off-the-grain fermentation, that occurs more typically in a scotch distillery. These spirits' crafting process occurs in true pot stills and only with the narrowest and core part of the distillation (while the remainder is recycled back), which allows the expression of their special sensorial properties.

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