A Tour of New York's Cheese Suppliers

A guide to local cheese suppliers and producers for chefs and restaurant owners in New York


Navigating through the world of cheese suppliers and producers available for chefs in New York, you'll find a wide variety of hard grating, hard, semi-soft, soft-ripened, or fresh dairy products for your restaurant menu.

Are you the kind of person who's always a bit extra-hungry when it comes to cheese? No worries, The Product Guide is here to satisfy your craving. Through our selection of dairy producers in New York, you will find all kinds of products including ricotta, cream cheese, or yogurt that are available for your restaurant.

Here are some examples of cheese suppliers in New York you can contact to compose your next platter.

St. Stephen


Four Fat Fowl's flagship, St. Stephen cheese is a decadent, award-winning triple cream from the Hudson Valley. A smooth, silky interior made from all-natural and local Jersey cow’s milk and fresh cream creates the perfect texture, together with a soft, bloomy rind adding an earthy flavor with nutty undertones.

Best if consumed within 6 weeks of the packing date (located on a sticker on the bottom of the product), Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen changes its flavor profile and properties during its ripening: it starts from a firm and tangy paste with lots of milk and salt flavor and a brilliant white rind, to then evolve into a softer and oozy texture with a mellow butter flavor and slightly brown rind.

Baby Swiss

Photo via Snow Farm Creamery

Snow Farm Creamery's delicacy, Baby Swiss is a young Swiss-style cheese made out of cow milk from a mixed breed of 32 cows including Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns, Jerseys, and Dutch Belts.

The cows graze local pastures and are fed almost entirely with food produced on-site: the result of these farming practices ensures the production of high-quality milk that gives Snow Farm Creamery cheeses a distinct, delicious, and local taste. With a mild nutty and buttery taste and creamy texture,

Snow Farm Creamery Baby Swiss is crafted with traditional methods, including the use of raw milk. Snow Farm Creamery Baby Swiss cheese is also a valid option for vegetarians thanks to the use of vegetable-based rennet.

Smoked Havarti

Photo via Sunset View Creamery

Sunset View Creamery's finest cheese, smoked Havarti is made by lightly smoking in a real smokehouse over hickory wood chips. This aromatic cheese has a mild and clean taste and pairs well with ham or can be shredded over chili, and it’s perfect for snacking as well! With smooth, buttery flavors, a light-brown rind, and a subtle smoky taste, Smoked Havarti is Sunset View Creamery's best seller.

Jake's Aged Gouda

Photo via Jake's Gouda Cheese

Jake’s Gouda Cheese began with the simple idea that well-crafted food is inherently good. To be considered the producers of a top-four quality Gouda Cheese in the World Championship of Cheese isn't the result of a simple process: this state-of-the-art, eight hours long recipe involves careful drainage of whey in two separated steps and about three hours of pressing.

Matured at least six months for a distinct sharpness and saltier finish than its mild counterpart, Jake's aged Gouda is also unique for being a raw milk cheese sourced from their own cows.

Hudson Valley Truffle

Photo via Coach Farm

Coach Farm's special Hudson Valley Truffle is a bloomy rind cheese elevating the traditional aged goat cheese with the addition of shaved truffles and truffle salt. It has a fudgy, cake-like texture and captivating earthy aroma.

For over 30 years, the farm has been devoted to the traditions of an artisanal creamery, using only Grade A goat milk, hand-ladling curd for cheese, and allowing the local land to dictate the flavors in their products. Coach Farm produces dairy goods using 100% fresh milk from their own goats and carries on their award-winning recipes created since they began.

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