Boost Sales with Marketing

By sending promotions with in-app Marketing, suppliers can increase sales and update customers directly where they place their orders.

Nov 09, 2022

Marketing is a feature of Choco Premium that allows suppliers to boost sales by sending new products and special offers to multiple customers at the same time.

Overview of the Choco Marketing tool for suppliers, where they can find all their previous marketing campaigns sent through Choco. -

With Marketing, you can update customers about:

  • Special offers and discounts

  • New products

  • Nudge orders on specific dates

  • Reminders

  • Loyalty rewards

  • Customer feedback

Customers receive an immediate notification on their phone when you send your message. With promotions and updates front and center, customers are more likely to engage. Suppliers using Marketing see between 10–18% of buyers making a purchase after a promotion.

Notification from the Choco App, informing users that their suppliers are doing discount. -


"We use Choco to communicate about our out-of-stock products, and it helps us avoid unnecessary back-and-forth; everyone knows about the products in less than a minute." - Hanne Knapen, CEO, Inter-Drinks

For Inter-Drinks, Choco helps improve efficiency. The company has been growing quickly, and maintaining customer satisfaction without weighing down their small team has been a priority.

With Choco, Inter-Drinks doesn’t have to spend time adapting orders for out-of-stock products. A marketing message can be sent to all or segmented customers to let them know what isn’t available, saving their ordering team time.


Henderson Seafood uses Broadcasts to notify customers about their daily catch. As a fish supplier delivering sustainable and fresh seafood across the UK, communicating quickly with customers every day is essential. The daily catch can determine what Henderson Seafood has available to customers.

With Choco, Henderson can update customers each morning in the same place where customers place their orders.

Choco has really changed the way we do things, and we couldn’t be happier.” - Shaun Henderson, Owner, Henderson Seafood

Already using Choco Premium and want to put Broadcasts to work? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started.