Choco launches Choco AI : 24/7 Automated Order Management


In a robust effort to redefine restaurant-supplier ordering dynamics, Choco introduces Choco AI—its cutting-edge AI designed to automate and refine order management. Choco AI is a hallmark of innovation for suppliers, ensuring no missed orders, even during missed calls. It efficiently captures voicemail and email orders around the clock, marking a new era of hassle-free and efficient ordering.

In a world constantly evolving with technology, Choco envisions a future where the restaurant-supplier ecosystem thrives on seamless, automated, and intelligent solutions. With Choco AI, we are not just addressing the immediate pain points but laying a solid foundation for a digitally interconnected and data-driven order management realm.

Through continuous innovation and embracing the frontier technologies, we are on a mission to redefine the operational ethos, making the food industry more resilient, adaptive, and flourishing in the face of ever-evolving market dynamics.

Choco AI is a significant stride towards this vision, a precursor to the remarkable transformations we aim to bring in the near and distant future. As we unfold the potential of AI, we are not just simplifying order management; we are setting the stage for a smarter, more synchronized, and prosperous business landscape for all stakeholders in the food industry.


The conventional order management landscape has been burdened by manual entry, error-prone processes, and the constant demand for human intervention, especially during peak hours. This old-school approach doesn’t just bottleneck order processing but generates missed revenue opportunities and client dissatisfaction.


Enter Choco AI—a swift, automated maestro that orchestrates seamless order capturing, translation, and integration into existing ERP systems. Without altering the habitual ordering routine for suppliers' customers, Choco AI handles voicemail or email orders with smart digital finesse, translating them into a standardized digital format, and integrating them into the supplier’s existing ERP system in real-time. Both suppliers and restaurants receive instant confirmations, ensuring a smooth, error-free order journey.

"With the launch of Choco AI, we're taking a decisive step towards a future where technology seamlessly bridges the operational challenges between restaurants and suppliers. Choco AI is more than a solution; it’s a promise of a smarter, streamlined, and cooperative relationship within the food industry. Our vision goes beyond just addressing today's challenges; it's about preparing the ecosystem for tomorrow's opportunities.

By simplifying the order management process, we're not only improving the immediate operational efficiencies but also laying the groundwork for a data-driven, interconnected business landscape. The journey with Choco AI is a glimpse into the expansive horizon of possibilities that Choco is tirelessly working towards, ensuring a prosperous and resilient industry ready to adapt to the dynamic market shifts

Daniel Kachab, Choco CEO’s


Restaurants send their orders via voicemail or email at their convenience. Choco AI kicks in, auto-capturing these orders whether they stream in via voicemail or email. It swiftly translates the orders into a standardized digital format, which is then integrated into the supplier’s existing ERP system, ensuring both suppliers and restaurants receive real-time confirmations.

“It's a game-changer for handling large orders, especially from our biggest accounts. Now, processing is quicker and easier, saving us labor. Unlike other tech, Choco AI lets us grow without needing a bigger team - one person can now handle what would have taken five.”

Joseph Longo, Head of Sales, Krystal Produce

As Choco continues to bridge the gap between restaurants and suppliers, Choco AI stands as a testament to the company's commitment to leveraging the newest technology for solving real-world challenges. The launch of Choco AI is not just a step, but a giant leap towards making order management more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. In a market that’s continuously evolving, Choco’s Choco AI is ready to set a new standard in automated order processing, reaffirming Choco’s position at the forefront of industry innovation.