Choco partner toolkit

As a partner, the more you communicate to your customers about your new ordering process with Choco, the more customers will adopt the app. On this page, you'll find marketing resources to promote your new ordering app to customers and boost adoption.


How to talk about Choco to customers

These talking points give your team the key points about Choco to start the conversation and encourage customers to start ordering.


Email template

Send an email to your customers to let them know about your partnership with Choco. Here's a simple template with text and a video link you can add into an email and edit as you like.


Text & WhatsApp

Share this message along with the downloaded graphic below with your customers to get them started with easier ordering.

" Download our ordering app on! "


Getting started graphic

Here are the 4 easy steps to getting started with Choco.



Update your voicemail to mention ordering with Choco. The more customers using the Choco app to order, the fewer you'll have to manually pull from your messages. Download this script to read from as you record.



Update your regular communication channels by adding a banner to your website, invoices, delivery notes, and email signature.

Don't forget to link to your partnership page or the Choco website!


Invite your customers

You can invite your customers directly from Choco with the web or mobile app. Use the two tutorials below to learn how to send your customers an invitation. They will receive a text message with the link to download Choco.


How customers can use Choco

Share these resources to explain to your customers what they get from Choco, how they can get started and what ordering is like in the app.

The Choco logo

Use the Choco logo across your marketing and communication with customers. The more your customer see our partnership, the more inclined they'll be to use the app to make ordering easier for you and them.


Download everything

Want all of the resources offered on this page? Download a Zip file on your computer to get all the marketing assets listed here.


Need help?

Your Choco team is always available when you need help or support. You can reach the support team at

You can also find answers at Choco Help Center to learn how to use different features of the Choco app on web and mobile.


Find help center on the Choco web app


Find help center on the Choco mobile app