Choco Sponsors the Gamechanging Producers

Recognizing the producers pushing food forward at the 50 Next of 2022


On the 24th of June, Choco will join the best and brightest of the food industry when the 50 Next Class of 2022 are announced. The second annual event takes place in Bilbao, Spain, where guests will gather for speeches and discussions featuring three of the world’s best chefs—Joan Roca, Mauro Colagreco and Dominique Crenn.

What is 50 Next?

The 50 Next list comes from the same organization that produces The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best Bars.

Instead of a ranking, the 50 Next are a list of innovators divided into seven categories: game changing producers, tech disruptors, empowering educators, entrepreneurial creatives, science innovators, hospitality pioneers and trailblazing activists.

How is the list created?

Unlike The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, where restaurants are chosen by a panel of expert judges, gastronomes from across the world can apply or be nominated for the 50 Next recognition. The team at 50 Next partners with the Basque Culinary Center to select the final fifty most impressive candidates.

Who are the Gamechanging Producers?

All of the winners will be producers pushing at the boundaries of food and drink. These game changers combine tradition, innovation and ambition to move food production forward while supporting the environment. You’ll have to wait until the 24th of June to find out exactly which eight producers are named to the 50 Next Class of 2022.

Last year's winners include a Peruvian farmer creating potato wine, a Filipino woman changing the livelihoods of farmers in her community with cacao and a fish butcher utilizing unique cuts of fish to reduce waste.

Why is Choco involved?

We care about where food comes from and where it’s going next, and we’re honored to join the innovators, producers and chefs pushing the food industry forward. As an official partner of both 50 Next and The World’s Best Restaurants, Choco is highlighting the importance of sustainability and technology in the future of food.

Where you can find Choco

If you’ll be at the event in Bilbao, come find us. Our Spain General Manager, Oriol Reull Dominguez will be on-stage with Best of the Best chef Mauro Colagreco to present the Gamechanging Producers.

If you won’t be traveling to Bilbao, we hope you’ll join in on the excitement via social media. Keep track of the event, ceremony and winners by following Choco as we post throughout the event on Instagram at @appchoco.