How to Cook with Fermented Foods

Cookies Cream's masterclass on how to use fermented products in a restaurant kitchen


When it comes to using fermented products and developing unique flavors, Cookies Cream is without any doubt the place to look at. This MICHELIN-starred restaurant in Berlin has made fermentation its go-to cooking technique for the foundation of a new fine-dining vegetarian culinary identity.

Meet Cookies Cream

The protagonists of our Choco Chef Lab fermentation masterclass Stephan Hentschel and Jan Rzehak have a soft spot in their hearts for fermentation. And it’s not just a matter of riding the wave of the latest culinary trend: using modern techniques to process and preserve foods in respect of seasonality and with a focus on regional produce has been the mission of Cookies Cream since its opening in 2007.

The rules of their vegetarian fine-dining cooking are today well defined - for instance, their kitchen serves no pasta dish but rather focuses on extracting unexpected flavors and obtaining different consistencies from fewer key preparations like fermented vegetables, sauces, or marinades.

Cooking with fermented products

We challenged the chefs from Cookies Cream to create two recipes with fermented products from Markus Shmizu’s fermentation lab, mimi ferments - take a look at our masterclass preview to get a glimpse of their culinary creations.

In our masterclass, the chefs presented two recipes that showcase the flavor-boosting properties of ama miso and shiō koji. These fermented ingredients were used to marinate and highlight the taste of cucumber and beetroot, resulting in an explosion of flavors and a playful combination of textures.

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