From Chef & Choco User to Full-Time Chocorian

From busy chef to now working for the company, here's the story of Mariela's career journey and path to Choco.


Meet Mariela Granadillo, former Chef and user of the Choco app, now holding the position as a Sales Associate at Choco. Her story, moving from the hectic world of leading a restaurant’s kitchen to now helping others in food service save time and energy just like she did, is a delightful one.

At Choco, we’re always joyous to hear about all of the ways our app users are leveling up their ordering system; saving food waste, money, time, and energy in the process. Every win for our users is a win for us! (And we can humbly say that we love how much we keep winning!)

Where she came from

When Mariela worked as a chef, she found that the restaurant world, “overall, is really harsh.” Anyone who has worked in a kitchen (or in hospitality at any level) would know what the fast-paced high-pressure environment is like.

Factor in having to do all the admin work to make sure the stock levels are right, the food waste is as low as possible (or non-existent) and deliveries get there on time, and it’s a very full job.

When Mariela came across the Choco app in 2019, it was a saving grace.

“I immediately knew the Choco app could work for me because I was really struggling with how to organise all my orders from all these different places.”

She became a Choco user for two years. Her experience was in line with what many of our users report - saving an average of one hour a day with the efficiency of the Choco app for ordering. 95% of restaurant owners and workers agree that their productivity and word efficiency are improved by the use of restaurant-specific technology (like the Choco app).

In Mariela’s case, she saved one hour a day at the very least. For her stock, she was ordering from several places and didn’t have any set system. The app streamlined the whole process and allowed her to focus more on her job and have a balanced personal life.

“It was very satisfying to get home one hour early and be sure of what I have ordered, check on it, and feel calm.” Basically, she found that she was able to relax more on her off-time, without bringing her work home with her, making her feel like she never left the kitchen.


Mariela believes - just like us at Choco - that once you find a good system, you can’t go back to the old ways. They just don’t cut it anymore. This is why so many of our users are long-term app enthusiasts. For Mariela, however, she went a step further.

The journey to Choco

Knowing that there was more to working in foodservice than being in the kitchen, she wanted to find another way to stay in the industry, while helping others in her field. She hung her apron in search of a new experience.

I wanted to keep being in the restaurant world, but I wanted to make it better somehow.

Her overall experience was that chefs really need help. They need tools to make their processes easier, so they can focus on the food. She wanted to find a project that would help improve chefs’ lives, just like she experienced.

When browsing the site, she saw that Choco was offering positions. Even though Mariela was seemingly reaching out of her field, she was encouraged to apply when she spoke to someone about it, as they felt she would be a good fit for the role.

Mariela began to understand just how much the people at Choco genuinely care about their mission, and how it really goes beyond the app into a strong future vision. This was something she wanted to get behind.

What it's like working at Choco

When she landed the role, Mariela was unsure of what it might be like in the actual day-to-day working environment, and with her past experience in the harsh foodservice world, she was pleasantly surprised by how easily she integrated into the team.

“It was a really positive environment… it’s all about learning and helping each other, so we are as strong as the weakest link. In the end, we’re not leaving any people behind.”

This strong camaraderie that all Chocorians embody inspired Mariela. A company really is as successful as the team is strong. As she began to learn of the future outlook of what we’re doing here at Choco, this solidified her feeling that she made the right choice. Mariela knew that being a part of the projects at Choco is a way to help enhance people’s lives in the food service business.

Mariela is excited to see where Choco will head. She’s been in the team for a short time but already knows that “the app is the way to get to where we want to go, but it’s not the end result. We have a strategy and it’s set to take us somewhere way bigger than where we are.”

Mariela works out of the Barcelona Office, and coming to work in an office every day was something out of her comfort zone. “I couldn’t see myself in a normal office because I’m so active… I can’t sit still for more than two hours in a row.”

With her role as a Sales Associate, Mariela is able to stay active by meeting and talking to the team, and prospective users, and partners. The dynamic workflow and positive attitude of the sales team is something that she loves. The sales team brings that fresh energy back into the office each day after their meetings, raising the vibe for the whole team.

Mariela believes that what makes a great Sales Associate is someone who can manage different types of personalities. Someone who can learn about a product and charismatically communicate it to people. Having a strategy in their process of sharing is also key, as it gives the restaurant insight into what outcome Choco can help to create for them and how.

Looking to make a career change?

When asked about what advice she would give anyone who is thinking about a career change or even applying to be a part of the Choco team, Mariela shares: “Nothing that you do in life is a waste of time. You never start from zero, really.”

She means that no matter your professional or personal experience before changing your job or career, you are bringing all of that knowledge and experience with you, and it will aid your new path.

We would add to that - a thirst to learn, grow, and benefit the world is exactly what we are looking for. The very best Choco employees we have are the ones to come to work each day genuinely excited about what they are creating. We believe that a company is nothing without a strong team unit, and if you align with this mindset of supporting each other to succeed, Choco just might be the place for you.

Ready for a change? Ready to work at a company that has a strong vision for a bright future? You might be the next Chocorian. Take a look at how you might fit into the team and check out our open roles here.