Inside our Customer Support Summit

A look into the Customer Support Summit in our Barcelona office.


At Choco, the only option is to strive for excellence. For our Global Support Team, this means working together to define a holistic approach to customer centricity.

To provide excellent service to our chefs, restaurants, and suppliers, we need the best ideas powered by the best people. This was the basis for our first ever Global Customer Support Summit held in our Barcelona office.

Here’s what Jessica Thiesen, our US Service Operations Lead had to say about the event.

Harnessing the power of in-person collaboration

The two-day-long event held in our Barcelona office brought together our Customer Support Associates and leaders from Choco offices around the world. The goals?

  • align, brainstorm, and collaborate in the same room

  • define the next steps of our customer support strategy

  • define our customer service tone of voice


What we achieved

The workshops set the stage for an evolution in Choco’s customer support game.

Before the workshop and the rollout of our support chat tool, Intercom, our Customer Support team didn’t specifically focus on handling interactions with our customers.

We used the workshop to not only introduce the new tool to the team but to define how we’ll use it.

We took the time to create and define a shared voice, set global standards, and learn how we can measure data to hold ourselves accountable.

How we achieved our goal

The biggest value of the event came from when the team had the opportunity to collaborate.

While group activities can sometimes elicit a collective groan from the audience, the Choco Support Team eagerly worked with one another to solve problems presented by the workshop.

This included drafting customer responses to nail the “Choco voice” or writing out detailed step-by-step processes for our most common support requests.

Having the team work together across regions allowed them to think creatively and challenge each other to deliver quality.


Three key highlights

The entire event was filled with positive takeaways, but here are three aspects that stole the show.

  • Meeting our colleagues from across continents and sharing ideas in person

  • Collaborating with such engaged and motivated leadership

  • The Barcelona sun (obviously)

In the end…

This was our first global Customer Support Summit, but it certainly won’t be the last.

As our team continues to grow and mature, we’re looking forward to many more opportunities to collaborate at a global level.

Plus, we’re always excited to meet new colleagues from around the world.

So if you’re interested in helping people, owning the work you do, and being part of something big, then be sure to check out our open roles!