Your Inside Sales Career at Choco

An inside look at Inside Sales roles at Choco with US Head of Buyer Sales, Chris Tourre.


“When you're part of a high-growth, evolving food tech start-up like Choco you get the opportunity to chat with a diverse range of restaurants every day and introduce tech to those who may not even know they need it… truly working towards building out the foundation of something big. This is something you won’t get in a lot of other entry-level roles.”

Chris Tourre, US Head of Buyer, sits down to speak on why Inside Sales is fundamental to what we do here at Choco and why it may be the opportunity you have been craving… if you’re up to the challenge.

What's it like to work in Inside Sales?

When thinking of an Inside Sales role, it is easy to picture a dark room with phones ringing and constant talking about the same, boring product. That's the opposite here. The product our inside sales teams get to sell brings a whole new light to the stereotypical sales world. The day cannot be predicted at all. Yes, the job includes prospecting and cold calling but also so much more. Any given day could be filled with product update meetings, team building, development calls, and cross-collaboration with our Admin Ops, Service Ops, and Account Management teams.

Our associates are given targets to hit and then are challenged (and supported) to overachieve. We are growing the new generation of sales rockstars, and we are specifically on the search for people eager to become them.

And don’t worry, we aren’t all work and no fun. Every win deserves recognition. Whether that's a toast to a new deal or a celebratory hit of our infamous gong, we celebrate wins as a team. Hard work is something to be proud of and we truly believe that.

Chris goes on to emphasize another exciting aspect of the job. “There’s the ability to forge your path - you get to learn the business, help grow it, and be on the ground floor of something super special.”

A hands-on approach to onboarding

The team wastes no time when a new Chocorian comes on board. For an entry-level position like an Inside Sales Associate, we get people with some experience and those without. We work with managers and peers to create a robust, thorough, and, most importantly, supportive onboarding process that sets our Chocorians up for success.

We believe that a comprehensive onboarding process is the absolute best way we can support you in hitting (and exceeding your KPIs).

The onboarding process includes an overview of the following:

  • Customer service basics

  • Phone call etiquette (how to answer the phone and how to speak over the phone)

  • Calendar maintenance and time management

  • How to pitch like a pro

And quickly progresses into:

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales tactics

Once onboarding is complete, development then shifts to learning day by day. Experience is the best teacher and the sky's the limit if you put in the work. Chris says it best:

"You’re growing your sales 101, building and managing a pipeline, being persuasive on the phone, navigating around gatekeepers, and getting to decision-makers. Understanding all of those sales fundamentals that it's going to take to sell. You’re learning how to sell a product that is a market disruptor."

So why join?

“Experience matters far less than your willingness to learn, hit targets, and stay focussed. A background in sales sets you up for any job. The skills you gain from your first sales job can be carried with you throughout the rest of your career.” And the only thing better than gaining life-long skills is coming into a company with a purpose, surrounded by people with the drive to succeed.

At Choco, we’re looking for the next generation of hungry talent. People that want to completely crush their goals and work towards something truly important. It’s a job for ambitious people. It’s a job for passionate people. It’s a job for those looking for a challenge.

From Chris Tourre himself:

“We’re hungry for hungry people”

Ready to level up your sales career?

We're looking for ambitious talent to join our team. If you think you have what it takes, check out our open Inside Sales positions across the globe.