Explore Integrations with Lead Product Manager, Ildi

Ildiko (Ildi) Kertész, a product manager here at Choco, gives us insight into her role and more!


Integrations, a broad technical term, can mean a lot of things depending on who (and where) you ask. But, in the Choco realm, it has to do with the automation of workflows within our product.

In this article, Ildi helps us explore the world of integrations at Choco.

Ready? Set?! Let's GO!

The journey into product management

Bold, ambitious, and innovative product managers aren't built overnight. The same rings true for Ildi’s background.

With over 10+ years of experience in the tech world, she has always been one to look out for the next big challenge. She also isn’t someone who’d just hop into a new role.

She works for products and challenges that speak to her.

A closer look at Integrations

The term "integration" can mean a lot of things in the tech world. Depending on the industry, the product, the tools, or the use case, it can cover a broad scope of topics. So what does it mean at Choco? Ildi explains.

“Integrations at Choco are largely tied to building automation. Our goal is to fit Choco seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of our users. When using Choco, users aren’t just adding another tool to their workflow. We provide an end-to-end solution that enables them to do tasks that were nearly impossible or very manual before.

We basically move data between Choco and other systems and, by doing so, we unlock new opportunities for our users. One of the more recent ones that I’ve been excited about is being able to see live updates about price changes of food items.

If we do our job right, we deliver instant value to our users. One of my favorite pieces of feedback that I’ve gotten is from a produce vendor that thanked us for the integration. He doesn’t have to wake up in the night anymore to handle orders manually!”

Our products are valuable for both buyers (restaurant owners and chefs) and vendors (food sellers). Our Integrations team ensures that all of our users can unlock their full potential using our products.

Cross-functional collaboration at its finest

So what’s it like working in Integrations at Choco?

The Product team isn’t structured in the traditional way. Yes, we have Engineers, Designers, and Product Managers. But we also have Solution Engineers in the team who work with our users directly from a technical standpoint.

We work closely with our Vendor Growth Executives (think Customer Success) who act as product success liaisons, onboarding and supporting our clients. Ildi explains that every day is different.

The growing team and who we’re looking for

Choco is on the verge of making huge changes to the global food industry. But we can only do this with world-class talent. We're building a team of top performers. People who excel under pressure and thrive when faced with new challenges.

We're really a group of people who'll give whatever it takes to win. For Ildi, hiring the right people is key.

For the Solutions Engineering role, candidates should have strong technical backgrounds and communications skills.

Our Vendor Growth Executives need excellent communication and project management skills along with a decent understanding of technical processes.

These two roles ultimately complement each other to create the pinnacle of service that we set out to achieve. Ildi sums it up perfectly:

“Both of these roles require a mix of technical understanding and communication skills. They’re focused on working with clients at the frontline of our business. So they need to be confident communicators who’ll represent Choco in the best way. They also need a strong technical understanding to adapt Choco products to our user’s needs. These are both crucial roles with a direct impact on our mission.”

Ready to join the challenge?

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