What's New for Multi-Location Management

Choco's upcoming feature for multi-unit operators


Today, we're kicking off what will be an exciting few months for multi-unit operators on Choco.

Thousands of restaurants, bars, and cafes use Choco to save time and reduce mistakes in their ordering with suppliers — 36% of these businesses have multiple locations. This may seem small as a percentage, but these groups make up a huge portion of most of our most consistent and loyal users. And we know why. These groups tend to have lots of suppliers, and the more suppliers you have, the more complexity Choco helps simplify. Also, these groups have larger teams, which means that internal communication is more difficult and important to get right. We appreciate the support of these great businesses and have new features coming to make Choco even better for their needs.

Later this month, we'll release a new home screen for anyone on Choco who orders across multiple locations. As you can see below, every location will be shown as a tile. Just click to see your orders and messages with suppliers for that location.


We built this to make oversight easier for managers of larger teams. With this change, they'll be able to run down a clean list of each location's suppliers, seeing orders that need to be made and what's already been done. This also simplifies team collaboration by helping you see which people are involved in every supplier chat by location. Every co-worker only sees the chats they need to, and they can be added or removed easily. This lets everyone remain focused on the supplier orders most relevant to them, while leaving the bigger picture up to management.

And this is only the beginning! Coming up will be even more features made for these larger teams. Want to get your word in on what we build next? Reach out on your Choco Support chat.

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