Do more with Choco Premium

Choco Premium gives suppliers all the benefits of simplified operations, more sales and stronger customer relationships.


Choco is a comprehensive sales and ordering solution built for the food industry. With our web and mobile app, suppliers have complete control over order processing. Customers enjoy a free ordering tool that saves them valuable time.

There are three major benefits for suppliers who join Choco Premium:

  1. Save time with simplified order processing

  2. Promote your products for boosted sales

  3. Onboard your customers with the help of Choco’s dedicated support team

All backed by your partnership with Choco.

Let’s dig into each advantage.

Winning Time

Order processing doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. With Choco and a custom integration to your ERP, order entry and catalog sync are fully automated. Orders arrive standardized with all your necessary information. You can customize your order and delivery settings so customers know what your delivery days are and when they need to have their orders in. Confirm orders with a click. Make edits as needed to handle shortages, update order quantities and suggest substitutions.

What you’ll get:

  • A personalized plan to integrate with your ERP and a dedicated implementation manager

  • Automated order processing saves you time and costly errors

  • Efficient communication with customers to resolve order and delivery issues

Preview from Choco Web, showing how to send a new marketing campaign from our tool -

Selling More

Digital ordering makes it as easy as possible for customers to place their orders and discover new products. With Choco, you can manage your catalog to showcase your products with images, descriptions and live availability. Personalized order guides keep your customer’s regular products front and center. A live, digital catalog keeps your offerings up-to-date with your ERP so customers can search and find additional products to order. You can send targeted product promotions directly in the app so customers are notified when you have a deal running or new products available.

What you’ll get:

  • Marketing campaign that notify your customers when new products or deals are available

  • Personalized order guides per customer, so they can order regularly with ease

  • A digital catalog that’s always up-to-date with your ERP


Onboarding Support

We know that an easier ordering option is only useful if your customers are actually using it. Choco’s dedicated team provides end-to-end support to train your team and onboard your customers. Any technical problems are easily handled by Choco for you and your customers.

What this support looks like:

  • A custom implementation to fit into your existing operations

  • Training for your whole team so they feel confident using the app to sell

  • A dedicated onboarding team to get your customers set-up and ordering in no time

Preview of Choco Web where suppliers can see all their customers -

Getting Started with Choco Premium

The process of getting started with Choco is simple and takes a matter of days. In four steps you can be on your way to simplified ordering, more sales and customer onboarding. Reach out to see what Choco’s full partnership support can look like for your business and take the first of these four steps.

  1. Reach out

  2. Proposal

  3. Setup

  4. Partnership