Les Primeurs d'Issy

Learn how Choco helped Les Primeurs d'Issy increase their average basket by 8%.
Case Studies, Suppliers Feb 24, 2023
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Les Primeurs d'Issy is a company specialized in delivering fruits and vegetables to professionals in the catering, catering, bakery, and large hotels in Paris and its suburbs. Directed by Sofian for about ten years, the company aims to continue developing its turnover, clientele, and reaching new heights every year. That is why they chose Choco to accompany the development of their business.

Before integrating the Choco tool, the working method of Les Primeurs d'Issy was a bit outdated. Orders were received on an answering machine, and each order took about 15 minutes to process. There were often errors or omissions in the orders, which forced the company to call back some customers to ensure everything was correct.

Digitalization of work with Choco ERP integration

The integration of Choco has allowed Les Primeurs d'Issy to gain efficiency and productivity. Sofiane finds many advantages to the Choco tool:

  1. Orders are directly integrated into the company's software, which avoids any re-entry and saves time.
  2. Customers have access to the company's entire product catalog, which encourages them to order more and increases the average basket.
  3. The tool allows the company to communicate with its customers, offer them promotions and new products, and even send them photos of unsold products at reduced prices to avoid food waste.

An increase in efficiency and productivity

Sofian's team remained the same: one person for order processing and one person for billing. However, since the implementation of Choco, they can process three times more orders than before.

Sofian explains: "If all my clients used Choco, it would allow us to process a maximum of orders with a minimum of staff, which would make us more profitable and allow us to offer quality products at competitive prices."

In conclusion, the integration of the Choco tool has allowed Les Primeurs d'Issy to gain efficiency and productivity while offering significant benefits to its customers.

Watch the video to discover how Sofian, President of Les Primeurs d'Issy, uses Choco to facilitate the daily management of his business.

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