Les Primeurs d'Issy: 3x More Orders per Day with the Choco ERP Integration

Learn how Choco helped Les Primeurs d'Issy increase their average basket by 8%.

Sofian, CEO of Les Primeurs d'Issy a Choco Premium suppliers from Paris in his warehouse. -
increase un average order value.
increase in average basket with Choco
saved per order thanks to ERP integration

Les Primeurs d'Issy is a company specialized in delivering fruits and vegetables to professionals in the catering, bakery, and large hotels in Paris and its suburbs. Directed by Sofian for about ten years, the company aims to continue developing its turnover, clientele, and reaching new heights every year. That is why they chose Choco to accompany the development of their business.

Transition to a Digital Solution

Before integrating Choco with their ERP system, Les Primeurs d'Issy used an outdated order-taking process that often led to errors. They would receive customer orders directly on their voicemail, and then a team member had to manually re-enter the orders, which took approximately 5 to 15 minutes per order before they could be processed. Background noise often caused issues, and if the chef was on the road, orders were sometimes not properly understood, requiring frequent callbacks to ensure the recorded order matched the customer's actual order.

To overcome this problem and achieve their goal of growth, Les Primeurs d'Issy turned to Choco Premium and integrated Choco with their existing ERP system. This integration streamlined their operations and automated the order flow.

Automating Order Processing

By integrating Choco with their ERP System, Les Primeurs d'Issy are able to automate and streamline their order management process.

Processing 3x more orders with the same team is a substantial achievement for Les Primeurs d'Issy. It addresses a key pain point in their operations: the time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual order entry. Before the integration, the team would have had to manually input each order received into their system, which not only consumed valuable time but also increased the risk of errors. This automation reduces the burden and errors of manual data entry, allowing the team to focus on other important tasks such as expanding their client portfolio, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving business growth.

The advantages of Choco ERP integration are precisely that we don't have to re-enter orders. There is no re-entry, and no time wasted at that level, which allows us to process a larger volume of orders. Today, with the same number of people, we are handling a number of orders that is three times higher.

Maximizing Sales Potential

Since adopting Choco Premium, Les Primeurs d'Issy has achieved an impressive 8% increase in average order value. They have propelled their business growth by leveraging two key factors: an increase in product discovery with a full catalog accessible to their clients and the implementation of Choco Marketing.

1. Discovery of New Products

The integration of Les Primeurs d'Issy's catalog ensures continuous real-time updates, guaranteeing product availability and accurate pricing. This seamless process instills confidence in customers, as they can place orders for in-stock products at the correct price without any back-and-forth communication regarding out-of-stock items. Furthermore, the catalog is conveniently accessible through the Choco app, allowing customers to browse and explore it effortlessly with just a few clicks.

By offering an up-to-date catalog in real-time, Sofian effectively eliminates customer frustrations that may arise from expecting products that are no longer available. This proactive approach not only saves time for Sofian but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction, making it a win-win situation.

Les Primeurs d'Issy in Rungis, France -
Les Primeurs d'Issy in Rungis, France

2. Driving Revenue Growth with Choco Marketing

Choco Marketing is a premium feature we offer to help you sell and promote your products more effectively. It enables you to send targeted and personalized messages directly to your customers' phones, where they place their orders, allowing them to discover your product selection.

You can directly link products referenced in customized product lists to your customers, with a direct link for adding them to their orders. In just 3 clicks, they can purchase your products, allowing you to achieve an average open rate of 80% and increase your sales up to 30%.

Les Primeurs d'Issy uses Choco Marketing to highlight new items, launch seasonal products and offer promotions on end-of-life or unsold products to reduce food waste and losses.


We have observed an increase in the average basket size. Now, our customers have access to our entire catalog, which inspires them to create their new menu, for example. At the same time, we also use Choco to send promotions, share new items, and offer our customers unsold products at discounted prices in order to reduce food waste and losses.

In conclusion, implementing Choco integration with their ERP system enabled Les Primeurs d'Issy to transform their ordering process, optimize their operations, and support their growth.