Inter-Drinks fast-tracks with Choco Premium

38 hours per week saved with more efficiency. Find out more about why Inter-Drinks chose Choco Premium.

The front of the Inter-Drinks's warehouse -

With clearer purchase orders and an easy-to-use tool, Hanne and her two order processors save time on understanding purchase orders.


Since September 2021, that's an additional 149 customers who have adopted the app and decide to place all their Inter-Drinks orders on Choco.

Inter-Drinks was founded in Brussels in 1997. The company offers a wide range of soft drinks and waters, as well as a range of food and catering equipment.

The team is composed of 19 people, which includes 14 deliverymen in 7 trucks for the daily deliveries and 5 people in the office, including 2 people dedicated to order management.

The main objective for Inter-Drinks? To continuously offer trendy and original quality products with a particular focus on the satisfaction of their customers.

Hanne and her partner Adbelcrim took over Inter-Drinks 10 years ago. Since then, the business activity and the number of customers have grown very quickly from 100 to about 1,150, with regular deliveries throughout Belgium and recently into Luxembourg.

"Through our collaboration with new brands, we have managed to grow Inter-Drinks, and that is something I am proud of."

Hanne Knapen, CEO

For this case study, we were able to talk with Hanne, CEO, about saving time with Choco.

Filling the need to optimize order processing

Inter-Drinks is a small company with a large customer portfolio. Hanne and two other people are responsible for processing all the orders, which was quite an overload for this small team.

Order entry could take up to 20 minutes per order. The information provided by the customers was not always clear, such as incomplete product names or illegible handwritten order forms. Order processing was an inefficient process that did not allow the company to grow.

"Before Choco, we received orders that were really unclear. We didn't know if they were glass bottles or cans, for example, we had to check the order history. We spent an inordinate amount of time there."

A quick and easy order management solution

When Hanne heard about Choco from some of her customers, who praised its ease of use, she decided to go for it. She quickly realized that Choco offered many advantages, including:

  • Receiving clearer order forms

  • Saving time on order processing

  • Providing her team with a tool that is easy and intuitive to use

  • Providing customers with an ordering application they love to use

Choco allows Inter-Drinks to receive clearer and faster purchase orders, saving approximately 154 hours per month (or 38 hours per week) of time spent on order processing. This solution has allowed Inter-Drinks to continue their growth without changing their structure and to spend more time developing relationships with their customers and suppliers.

"Using Choco is like adding another person to the team. I've validated 50 orders myself and frankly something easier does not exist! The codes are correct, the products are correct, and you don't have to search anymore."

An intuitive tool for the team and customers

Another benefit for Inter-Drinks is the ease of use for their team. No matter who is in charge of managing and processing orders received via Choco, they are able to do so intuitively.

"We have a secretary who joined us last week, the day after she arrived she was able to process Choco orders. It's easy, everyone at our company knows how to do it."

Easy and fast communication with customers

Recently, Hanne discovered the Marketing feature that allows her to send promotions or information about products to all her customers at once or to a segmented group of customers very quickly.

"We also use Choco to communicate about our out-of-stock items, and it also allows us to avoid unnecessary back and forth; everyone knows about the products in less than a minute."

An Inter-Drinks delivery man loading his truck with the day's deliveries -


The Choco team offered personalized support to all Inter-Drinks customers to make it easier to get started with the application. Today, 244 of their customers place orders through Choco and the number of users continues to grow (+149 active customers on Choco in the last 12 months).

"I find Choco so easy and convenient to centralize orders that I even ask customers to place their orders on Choco rather than on my website."