Prodesco: Transforming the Food Distribution

How the power of the partnership between Choco and Prodesco reach the the ultimate goal to have zero errors in product reference and distribution for customers.

Alberto, talking about the partnership between Choco and Prodesco -

In the competitive world of food distribution, staying ahead of the game requires innovation, collaboration, and a deep understanding of customers' needs. Prodesco, a holding of five companies with 86 employees and over 2500 clients, aims to be the leader in Horeca distribution in Madrid and Spain.

In this video, Alberto, the CEO of Prodesco shares how their partnership with Choco, the number one digital platform for food and beverage ordering, has enabled them to achieve their goals and improve their customers' experience.

Discover Alberto's vision about the benefits of digitalization, the importance of working with a knowledgeable partner, and how their joint efforts are transforming the industry.