Session 1 : The Craft of Fermentation

Mastering shiō koji, garum, and miso

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Master of fermentation Markus Shimizu has become an international expert in the craft of fermentation, a technique conquering top chefs all around the world. Mimi Ferments was founded in 2018 and was the very first local lab in Berlin producing handcrafted goods such as shiō koji and miso. Markus' curiosity, knowledge, and love for local produce is reflected in his collaboration with high-end restaurants in Europe.

Sneak Peek: Mastering Miso

Learn how to produce miso, the traditional Japanese fermented paste made out of soybeans, salt kōji, and rice

Sneak Peek: Mastering Garum

Learn how to make garum, the fermented fish sauce which has been used as a condiment since ancient Greece

Sneak Peek: Mastering Koji

Learn how to obtain shiō koji, the perfect seasoning to marinate and tenderise ingredients, and to enhance the umami flavours in your dish

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About Mimi Ferments

Crate Koji

Mimi ferments was founded by Markus Shimizu in 2018. He and his team produce fermented products such as miso and soy sauce which are matured in old red wine, rum or whisky barrels. The previous life of the barrels has a very practical and tangible influence on the product.


Over the past years, Markus has supplied some of the most well-known high-end restaurants in Europe and has become a local reference for chefs and consumers thanks to his handcrafted premium products and the philosophy behind his small-batch production techniques.

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