Session 2: Cooking with fermented products

With Cookies Cream, the pioneer of vegetarian haute cuisine

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Chef Stephan Hentschel is a pioneer when it comes to vegetarian haute cuisine. When opening its doors, Cookies Cream(*) changed the perception of vegetarian cuisine, and not only in Berlin: Stephan put a new spin on plant-based cuisine through obtaining high-end restaurant menus around vegetables while resting the produce as meat (or even pasta) in his kitchen. His various techniques range from preparing vegetables in salt dough, braising them in the oven or in sous vide.

About Cookies Cream

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Hidden away in a service alley in Berlin Mitte, you can spot the restaurant by the modern lights hanging above the red door. When opening in 2017, Cookies Cream’s approach to cooking vegetarian food was new to Berlin.

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His cooking style of vegetarian and vegan haute cuisine involves precision, caring, and tasteful sides. Cookies Cream is supplied with freshly harvested produce from farmers in Brandenburg, near Berlin and their menu changes seasonally.

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