An Introduction to our New Brand

When everyday processes are optimized, things flow.


2020 was an immensely tough year for our industry, no doubt about that. At Choco, we were working to understand how to best support our industry, from building online shops for suppliers to helping spread the word about restaurants that were still open and needed support.

Most of all, we were knuckling down and building our digital tools that seamlessly connect restaurants and their suppliers. We wanted to make sure at least ordering was not a headache but a point of efficiency in the business of our customers.

The initial Choco brand we created when we started off in one restaurant in Berlin served us well, but as the industry focused more on optimization, we continued to grow quickly and needed to level up. We learned a great deal from the close relationships we developed with the food service industry in four countries.

As we expanded, we saw the need to craft an identity that could carry the spirit of our team and connection to the industry through digital interactions as well as face-to-face ones. This was the time to build a visual identity together with our supplier and restaurant users across the world, one that truly reflected the flavor of our industry, the value of our product, as well as our own passion and vision to reduce global food waste and bring about positive change to the industry.

Together with DesignStudio, our team had endless Zoom sessions and interviewed dozens of restaurants and suppliers around the globe to really dig deep into the benefits they get from Choco and crucially - what we can provide to take the value we bring to the next level?


And we nailed it down. At the end of the day, what we do is simple - we optimize everyday processes for our industry so systems can flow. Seamlessly, smoothly, no hiccups. Kitchens are like machines - every line cook, every saucier, every server prepares their station and knows it inside-out. So when service begins, there is no room for pause, or error. Just an uninterrupted flow, an entire team working together like clockwork, from the first ticket to the last.

The Choco app is built for this flow. From when your products arrive in the morning, to when you count up what you need for your station, to when you send your order off to your rep or supplier. Take care of this process in seconds, know your products will come, and move on. Let ordering flow for your team, with no errors, no hiccups. You simply manage your business from the palm of your hand.

For suppliers, this idea of flow is present in the never-ending movement of products. Whether you are gutting fish at 4am, packing it, or delivering it, the process needs to be thought out end-to-end to deliver the best experience for your customer.

Choco enables this stellar, uninterrupted and error-free experience, from the first tap of the order, to the knock of the delivery driver at the door of the walk-in. This hustle is what unites us, and we are building Choco to provide seamless flow, for chefs, managers, owners and suppliers, from the first order of the day to the last.


When everyday processes are optimized, things flow.

Continuous, effortless, streamlined.

We built our toolkit with this essential concept in mind. Every element has been optimized. From our logo and type, to color and tone of voice — no BS, simple, bold and to the point. So that when everything works together, we can evoke a sense of flow and ease. Our brand is a holistic system that feels like it never stops. Because it doesn’t.

We're excited to bring this new brand to life. In our heart of hearts though we're still the same. Always at your service!

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