How Choco will grow your business in 4 steps

Choco’s benefits for suppliers and how to capitalize on them.


Choco is the order management system which streamlines all your processes in one place. Whether managing orders, editing your catalog, or promoting products, you can do it all through Choco. It’s our mission to help you grow your business. Read on to find out how.


Digital ordering for your customers

The Choco app makes ordering easier, faster and more reliable for your customers. It's easy to use and takes only minutes to get up and running. What your customers can do via Choco:

  • Browse your up-to-date product catalog, meaning they always get exactly the products they are expecting
  • Create a personalized order guide from your catalog, which they can repeat order again anytime to save time
  • Place an order in just three clicks, or ten seconds
  • Request a delivery date based on your availability
  • Chat in-app with your customer service & sales teams

Automate order processing

On your side, Choco allows you to:

  • Sync catalogs: product information is always up-to-date for your customers in Choco, with units, IDs, and availability
  • Receive orders direct to ERP: orders are automatically entered into your ERP
  • Harness one-click confirmation: confirm orders in your ERP with one click. Customers get an instant notification in their Choco app
Preview from Choco Web, showing how to send a new marketing campaign from our tool -


In addition to being an order management platform, Choco is also a customer management platform - tested and approved by more than 15,000 chefs, while reducing costs and time invested by your team.

Fast & effective customer service

  • Speed: you can confirm orders in just one click
  • Control: track and update order and delivery status
  • Communication: put customers and all your team members in one chat for transparent communication
  • Accuracy: update product availability, so customers can only order products which are in stock

Customize order & delivery requirements

Reduce communication overhead by restricting when customers can place orders and request deliveries. You can customize these settings on a company-wide or single customer level.

Preview of Choco Web where suppliers can see all their customers -


Sell more products with catalogs

Customers can browse your full catalog in real time to view product information and images. They can then add products to their order guide and easily purchase in three clicks.

As a vendor, you can make these catalogs customer-specific or set a default catalog, as well as instantly setting products as unavailable.

Send special offers that sell

With Choco, you can unlock a new kind of selling: broadcasts. Promote special offers and seasonal products by messaging multiple customers at once. They get the message in their Choco app and can order in just three taps.


4. An offer according to your needs

Choco offers two different packages, depending on what you’re looking for.

With the standard package, you get order guide SLA, invite onboarding and a standardized manual.

As a premium user, you’ll receive communication materials with your logo, a premium onboarding service for you and your customers, and most importantly you will get integration into your ERP system - regardless of which you use. This is the only package with ERP integration.

Do you want to discover how Choco will help you develop your business in more detail?