Choco's ERP Integrations: A Complete Guide

Choco Premium offers suppliers custom and plug-in integrations to seamlessly connect with your ERP.


With Choco Premium, you can seamlessly connect Choco with your ERP system for automated order processing.

Your ERP holds all the important data needed to process sales and customer data, but order entry is still a manual and time-consuming process. With an ERP integration, you can combine the power of automation with your existing system.

What is an ERP integration?

The purpose of integrating Choco with your ERP system is to eliminate manual processes around order entry. With automation, you can provide customers with live product availability and full access to your catalog. Your team can save time and cut out order mistakes.

3 key features of Choco’s ERP integrations

1. Synced Catalogs

Product information is always up-to-date for customers, so you have fewer orders for out-of-stock products.

2. Orders in ERP

Orders are automatically entered into your ERP.

3. Automatic confirmations

Customers are instantly notified when you’ve confirmed their order.
Choco offers custom integrations to 200+ ERP systems and a Quickbooks plug-in integration.

Custom Integrations

There are hundreds of ERP systems suppliers are using to keep track of customer and order data. Choco offers custom integrations to connect directly with your existing ERP system.

With a custom integration, orders arrive in real time. Syncing between Choco and your ERP happens regularly so that your data is always up-to-date for customers.

The Choco team builds your custom integration, designed to work seamlessly with your ERP.

Quickbooks Plug-In Integration

Quickbooks is a popular ERP used to handle accounting, inventory management and ordering. If you’re using Quickbooks, you can integrate with a single click using the Choco plug-in. You can have your ERP integration with Quickbooks up and running in less than a day.

Your products and orders sync real-time with your Quickbooks account. If you add a new item to your catalog in Quickbooks, it will appear in your Choco catalog for customers to find and order. Choco uses data from Quickbooks to set up your customer accounts and link orders to the right customers. All easy and automated.

With Choco and Quickbooks, you can easily automate your order processing.

Want to know how an ERP integration with Choco would work for your business? Learn more about Choco Premium to see how an integration will work for you.