Session 3 : All about grains

Customise your flour blends and recipes from freshly-milled grains

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Roe Sie is the founder of the baking supply store The King’s Roost in LA and also hosts workshops for aspiring bakers and chefs. His recipes are made with in-house milled whole wheat and other customised flour blends highlighting the different flavours, health benefits, and baking properties of local and seasonal ingredients.

Sneak Peek: Mastering whole wheat flour

Get a full introduction to grains and start customising your flour blends.

Sneak Peek: Mastering buckwheat flour

Learn about pseudo-cereals and try out this simple and delicious buckwheat soba noodles recipe.

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About The King's Roost

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The King’s Roost connects chefs with local farmers by supplying a carefully selected range of the best grain products that California has to offer. His shop sells bulk grains and flour blends for different purposes: waffles, muesli, grits, sandwich bread, pizza dough, cornbread, pancakes, oatmeal, granola bars, muffins, cookies, polenta, birthday cakes, and much more from the his beloved grains universe.

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For The King's Roost, it all started when a friend of Roe taught him about the health benefits and delicious taste of home-milled flour. He soon learned that much of the grains we are eating are so heavily processed and stripped of their nutrients by the time they reached the market shelves. From that moment, he bought a grain mill, began grinding and cooking simple recipes with whole grains, and never looked back.

Roe Sie introduced us to the concept of "grain vintage". Like in wine-making, grain harvests from the same variety - and even from the same field, but from opposite sides - can result in products with completely different flavour and nutritional profiles.

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