Streamlining Maison Savary's Order Process

91% fewer errors. Discover how Choco allows Maison Savary to optimize their order management.

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Since January 2021, Choco adoption by Maison Savary and their customers has led to increased sales volume through our application.


Choco's integration with Maison Savary's ERP has reduced errors through automated order entry and real-time catalog updates.


Thanks to the standardization and automation of orders,Maison Savary saves time on manual tasks related to order processing.

Maison Savary started in Beauvais, France in 1981. In 2018, they set up their manufacturing laboratory and store. Created by the baker Benoît Savary, the house's artisanal flan is a dazzling success. The bakery has been growing so rapidly that since 2018 they have focused solely on the sale of flans to restaurants and stores in Paris and Brittany. Today, they produce about 3,000 flans per week, which are then delivered throughout France.

For this case study, we had the opportunity to talk with Pauline Germain, a management assistant who has been with Maison Savary since flans became the main business.


Very early on, Maison Savary decided to use Choco on a daily basis. Since 2019, Choco’s webtool has been an integral part of their order management process. With a team of only three people, the challenge was to optimize the management of orders while satisfying a demanding professional clientele that leaves no room for error.

Choco arrived as the solution to their challenges:

  • To be able to do everything in the same place, with a reduced team
  • To ensure a high quality of service for their customers
  • To more easily facilitate the management of orders and deliveries

Maison Savary started working with Choco to streamline orders in a standard format. Standardized orders allowed them to be more efficient in their day-to-day management — they now receive order forms with more complete information allowing them to be filled faster.

As time went on, Maison Savary decided to make Choco their main development partner and adopt the large number of features available.

"Choco is summarized in a simple way: easier for us and easier for our customers too. It’s so simple that we also started using Choco for our own suppliers."

Pauline Germain
A pastry chef from "Maison Savary" preparing pastries in the kitchen -


Maison Savary very quickly began to use certain features on a daily basis. "This saves a considerable amount of time, no more need to call back and inform then change the orders."

Having their catalog on Choco also has other advantages: customers can discover new products. Maison Savary is currently adding photos for each of the products in the catalog.

"When it's complete, it will be a game changer because we are expanding our line. With photos, we will be able to showcase our latest products."

Another feature Maison Savary adopted is the ability to customize when and how customers place orders. This means that customers can no longer order outside of business hours, which is essential for a company like Maison Savary to ensure next-day delivery. Thanks to clearer communication, their customer relationships are improved.

Following the adoption of Choco features by Maison Savary and their customers who already use the app, we see a 61% increase in sales volume via Choco since January 2021. This shows that Maison Savary customers are using Choco much more than before.


One of the big benefits for Maison Savary is Choco’s seamless integration to their ERP software. The specificity of the company required the creation of an ERP entirely adapted to their needs. Choco set up a dedicated and personalized integration that adapts to the supplier's existing software: no need to change ERP, nor to change the way the company is managed!

"That's the real advantage of Choco — the possibility to keep our own order taking software while everything is automated. It's much faster, no more typing, really nothing to do."

Since the ERP integration, all orders placed through Choco are imported directly into their software. The team has completely eliminated manual order entry, which took 52 hours per month of the team’s time prior to Choco. Time saved to focus on the essentials.

"For each order, we have gone from 2 minutes of data entry to 10 seconds. That's huge and makes our lives easier."


ERP integration also means the end of order errors for Maison Savary. From two errors per day, Maison Savary now only has to deal with a maximum of two errors per month, a reduction of 91% in monthly order mistakes — a considerable difference for a company in full development. Thanks to Choco, savings are made on a daily basis and customers are satisfied and loyal.

"All of this represents a saving of time for us, which allows us to concentrate on our objective: the expansion of Maison Savary".

With Choco, our customers place orders more regularly. We don't have to call them back anymore, which saves us time!