Meat the Future: Pat LaFrieda & Choco Team Up to Revolutionize Ordering

Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, a name synonymous with top-notch meats in the buzzing streets of New York, is joining hands with Choco.


Pat LaFrieda, the legend behind the meat counters of famous spots like Minetta Tavern and Shake Shack, is taking a giant leap into the digital age. How? By integrating their vast catalog of over 5,000 mouth-watering products into the Choco platform. Imagine ordering your meat supplies with just a few taps, anytime, anywhere. No more late-night order scrambles!


Why It's a Big Deal

This isn't just about going digital; it's about making every step of the ordering process smoother, more transparent, and error-free. Those 1,600+ customers of LaFrieda? They're about to experience a whole new level of efficiency and visibility in ordering.

From Pat LaFrieda's Grill

Pat LaFrieda himself is stoked about this. In his words, “With Choco’s product, we're not just enhancing our century-old commitment to customer service; we’re also simplifying and automating processes like never before.” Talk about upping the ante on customer experience!

Choco's on a mission to digitize the food ordering world, and this partnership is a testament to their impact. Since their launch in 2018, they've been hooking up restaurants and suppliers, making manual ordering a thing of the past. And the best part? This shift is a solid punch in the fight against global food waste.

Bottom Line

This collaboration is more than just tech meets tradition. It's about creating a future where ordering your favorite cut of meat is as easy as sending a text. It's about time-saving, cost-cutting, and waste-reducing. It's about Pat LaFrieda and Choco slicing through the old ways and grilling up something new and exciting.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this partnership is changing the game in the food industry.

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